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Video: Check Out This Side-By-Side Comparison Of Apex Legends Running On Switch And PS4 Pro - Nintendo Life

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What does the Switch version look like?

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, EA’s free royal game

Finally arrived on Switch yesterday. Developed by Respawn Entertainment and ported by Panic Button, we have

I've talked about the challenges it brings before.

The emergency button has been outlined before the switch port

, It runs at 720p in docking mode and 576p in handheld mode, both are fixed at 30 frames per second. But you might be wondering, how does it look compared to competitors' platforms?

Today, GameXplain conducted a side-by-side comparison, comparing "Apex Legends on Switch" with PS4 Pro through a series of clips. As expected, the Switch version has a clear visual impact, while retaining all the features and content of the other versions.

Despite these compromises, Panic Button seems to retain the gameplay here, and we will provide you with our complete ideas in due course.




Yes, it's just a bit vague. idk what else do i expect at this point

Although it is blurry, it still looks good. The game itself seems great.

The developers did a great job.

I only played a little bit in handheld mode last night. Very smooth and has excellent ports, but it is undoubtedly important for Switch players to turn off "cross-play". If you are playing with someone who is playing this game on a high-resolution monitor, blurring and drawing distance are just an obstacle because it will become an obstacle. Close the cross race, it is a smooth journey.

I may be shot down again, but why don't they make comparison videos in sports-that's the key to visual fidelity. If you can't see your opponent due to poor draw distance, what chance do you have? Online.

Considering that most people will play this screen on Switch, I would also like to see some handheld screenshots.

Why compare it to PS4 Pro? Switch to PS4.

This is the top legend...

I have no problems with the game, and playing this game in handheld mode is impressive. I had no problems playing crossover games and even won a few games. I think it's too easy to turn it off

It can use high-end games, but considering the game, I think FPS is more important.

What is the version of the switch?

May be vague

Wait, do you mean that people who play games on 7-inch screens will have the same problems as people who play games on screens larger than 50 inches? Shocked, I tell you!

Even better XB1

Except for an almost flawless port like Doom Eternal, but it looks good

I think many gamers who made these comparative videos have switched to PS4 Pro, so they can use them.

It looks great and amazing. God and why a Nintendo Life article like this is just asking for a storm.

I like Panic Button very much <3

Is it a bit vague, you just want to fall in love with Panic Button people. They really like Switch, and you must admire their dedication to the platform. I know

Apex Legends is really fast-paced, isn't it. Ofc will be a little fuzzy.

Overall, another excellent job by Panic Button. Add this game to the list of the most impressive switch ports.

Yes, why compare with PS4 pro. Compared with OG X1 and basic PS4

They won the title of Port Wizards

Why is it important to turn off crossplay? I'm just asking, not trying to argue with you here. Haha. I played ball last night, but didn't consider turning it off. Will it speed up the game? Let me know what you mean. I'm curious. Thank you!

Dock is actually not playable, you really don't see much. They should make a compromise with more cellular shadows, rather than just blur everything, so you can actually see the player moving more than 10 feet. Another thing that is absolutely zero is how they aim the gyroscope. Why do they tilt clockwise-counterclockwise on the earth? It's like the dumbest gyroscope idea I have ever seen. All other shooting games I have played on the switch will tilt left and right to stay level. The button is transplanted from Doom, and the gyroscope on this game is perfect. Why don't they copy it on this, this is beyond me...very disappointed on this port...

This is because you will be playing games with other consoles with better visual effects and controls. You will often be smoked because of this disadvantage.


Say, please turn off cross-play and avoid using handheld devices/desktops. The combination of low resolution and low rendering distance makes playback very difficult. When fighting other players, I feel very disoriented because their colors blend with the environment, or they move too fast to be visible on the screen

Draw distance, the Achilles heel of Switch. But if the switch has DLSS, how will it look?

DLSS is just a tool to increase contrast and more details.

It's great for me. I understand why people complain about the quality degradation, but the game is still the same, and you don't play Apex to see all the beautiful scenery, but rather bewildered!

Erm, it's not very dramatic, but the game is playable. I know they are working hard, but this is not the case...not recommended.

I have to say that it doesn't look good. Compared with the port of Doom Eternal, this looks very rough. Looking at the scenery, the number they have pulled out and simplified is very eye-catching. The lighting is too bad. Like Panic Button, what makes me feel pressured is to deliver it on a certain date. It feels like a port, and there will be several months to refine the results at this stage.

However, this is the EA for you. Unwilling to spend more money. imo.

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Everything is fine, I don't like strangers.

I know right! I always imagine them watching this while eating a bag of popcorn.

Thank you!

Overall, what I see is that the Switch is getting more and more attention. For obvious technical reasons, studios that make such games can easily make the Switch difficult to pass. As we all know, they are doing it many times. However, there is actually some work to be done (for example, hiring Panic Button shows that you mean business). This makes me more excited about Nintendo's present and most importantly future. Nintendo’s future hardware version will enable more love and care gained today to create great potential for future development

Fortunately, although the emergency button will continue to support the game for some time, it should continue to be optimized.

never play it

But i like the switch

Looks very good in a handheld computer, I like it all the time

I am glad I can switch and have time to play^^

30 fps fast-paced online shooting game where 90% of people will use WiFi sound like a disaster

A mess

Surprisingly, this is not terrible. Looks good for handheld devices.

Just played yesterday! It easily becomes one of the best royal battle games I have ever played on Switch.

Yes.. Although it's a bit vague, it's okay even if you open Cross Play.

Overall, Panic Button has done a very good job porting games, but there are still some issues that need to be fixed...

Does anyone else smell a little noise on the top of the microphone when playing cross-platform games?

This is why we need an updated Switch to improve graphics games.

I mean, it is playable. To be honest, it's just that 580p is too rough. I hope this upcoming new switch model will be better in handheld mode


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Update: European Nintendo further clarifies

"Functions like an endurance meter"

Pyra and Mythra join the battle

It's this time of year again

What will version 11.4.0 bring? Except for sweetness, is the sweetness stable?

Game introduction


Action, first-person shooting

March 9, 2021 (


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