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Sony Bravia HDMI CEC not working with Apple TV after Android 9 update

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Bravia Sync is a feature that uses HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) technology to enable users to control other Bravia Sync compatible devices through the TV remote control itself.

In addition, it allows the TV to be turned on and off directly from other compatible devices. This saves users the trouble of having to use a bunch of remote controls for all devices connected to the TV.

Although the HDMI CEC function is by no means perfect, it is undeniable that it makes life easier.

Unfortunately, many Sony Bravia owners have noticed that they can no longer power off the TV via Bravia Sync (HDMI CEC) with Apple TV 4K remote control.

We have shared some reports from the following affected users:



@Sony’s latest TV update prevented my @Apple TV remote from turning off these two devices. @Android please fix it! ! ! (

This is caused by a recent firmware upgrade... My X900F has the same problem. (

Same Here. Different Bravia models, but have the same problem. Apple TV can turn on its power, but it will not turn off the TV when it goes to sleep. It seems to correspond to the last update, so I check Sony's firmware updates every day. (

As you can see, only when the user

According to reports, this appears to be an update to Android TV 9.

More specifically, users who have recently installed firmware version 6.7140 and installed Android 9 on their Sony Bravia TVs with X1 Extreme chipset seem to be the issue facing HDMI CEC.

Apple TV users who cannot turn off their TVs using the HDMI CEC function also claim that resetting the TV makes no difference at all.

That being said, according to a user on Reddit, Sony seems to have been aware of the problem and is working on fixing it.

The Sony engineers actually contacted me and they already knew the problem. They were able to replicate the same problem with their Apple TV 4K. An aerial software patch is under development and they told me it will be released in mid-January. (

If the user’s comments can be trusted, we can expect to start solving the problem in the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, Sony has not publicly acknowledged this problem, so we recommend that you do not know what to do with this information.

As always, if Sony releases a fix for HDMI CEC issues on Apple TV devices, we will continue to track the situation and release updates.

At the same time, you can go to our

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