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The new One Connect box is here

Samsung One Connect Box has an almost fabulous position among TV owners-as an excellent and practical TV accessory, its popularity is far less than you expect.

The function of One Connect Box is to keep cables and wires away from the TV itself, outsource HDMI input, power connection, etc., and ensure that confusion does not appear near the screen itself. Whether you place the One Connect Box under the wall-mounted screen, next to the counter or cleverly hide it in the media cabinet, it can provide greater flexibility for your personal AV setup and operation.


So far, so good. However, you can’t just pick up a connection box

-It is this kind of restriction that makes buying a house at home a bit of a headache.

This is where we come in. In this guide, you will have a complete understanding of the features of the One Connect Box, what is changing in the Slim One Connect Box model of 2021, and which Samsung TVs will be included with useful accessories.

The first thing you need to know is that there is a new model for 2021 called Slim One Connect Box. It is a thinner, more compact version of the One Connect Box seen in the past few years, with updated connections and a new form factor-and the ability to connect it to the back of the main unit.

A kind

Samsung paid tribute to the "Slim One Connect box" on its 2021 TV series, calling it "a new cable management system that can be connected to the back of the TV-easier to install and more beautiful."

We have not received the official specifications of the Slim One Connect box, but we very much hope to see

In view of the popularity of these ports in Samsung TV series products, and support

(Enhanced audio return channel), allowing audio to pass to

. May be prioritized

as well as

We have not yet obtained the complete specifications of the box, but we will definitely update this page when we learn more. 

The specific connection on the "one connection box" will depend on how old the Samsung TV is. The 2021 model included in the box may have

Ports, because they are now standard

TV and

(Enhanced audio return channel). However, older screens will not be so lucky.

One Connect boxes usually have ports for connecting IR extenders (IR Out) and external speakers (Audio OUT). There are also ports for antenna (ANT IN), component (AV IN), HDMI (audio with ARC, used to pass audio to the soundbar), Ethernet (LAN), optical fiber and USB.

The 2019/2020 model has the following inputs:

Since its launch in 2014, One Connect Box has undergone several iterations, and sometimes even provides an even smaller "mini" model for users who want to use less input.

The size of the 2019/2020 model is 390 x 130 x 70mm

, The size is 394 x 177 x 80mm,

However, the 2021 "Slim" model is set to be smaller than either of these two models. Judging from the images we saw, the new model is definitely slimmer, shorter, with a curved body and smooth cobblestone sheen-very different from the rectangle and sharp corners of the previous iteration.

Given that you cannot buy the One Connect box as a standalone accessory, this is a problem. It comes with certain Samsung TV models, which increases the suggested retail price of the corresponding TV.


, For example, the first retail price of 65-inch size is 2999 US dollars, 500 US dollars higher than the retail price (about 350 pounds / 650 Australian dollars).

, No box. This is a sharp increase in price, which illustrates the high quality of the packaging box.

This is a confusing way to deal with it, and it is not very consumer friendly, but we can provide you with a Samsung TV with the box below. You can see at a glance that the scope of Samsung’s support varies greatly from year to year.

Samsung will obviously see future developments in the One Connect box, even if the availability is still limited to certain products.

2021 witnessed the development of the form factor, with a slimmer profile and updated HDMI 2.1 connection, although it is only as easy as a compatible soundbar to fit into a flat-screen TV or add a bezel to fully utilize the accessories Full potential.

In other words, there are no other major

Is doing anything similar to the "Push to Talk" box; for now, even Samsung's intricate progress puts it in a leading position.

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