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HDMI Over Ethernet Adaptor Extends HDMI Connections Up To 30m

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HDMI is a great technology, but if you have to connect cables over long distances, they are not the most reliable technology. The farther the distance, the better the Ethernet, and the price is cheaper. solution? Use an Ethernet cable to extend your HDMI connection, and all you need is this small adapter.

As Apartment Therapy pointed out, the cost of running HDMI over long distances is more expensive than Ethernet. It seems to be a bargain.

($18) [Monoprice via


I have actually tried it and used the connector shown above.

At 10m, the quality of 720i is degraded, so please forget about 1080p, at least in my opinion, this is quite a bit of interference. If there is a tech TV nerd out there who can explain a little bit about how to correctly use it for the first time, I would like it very much.

Cheap will not help your situation

I recommend spending a little more money on such a device

The device will support Full HD, support 1080p deep color, 3D and 4K x 2K, and also comply with HDCP specifications, with pass-through EDID from the display to the signal source.

There is nothing wrong with extending to 70m.

For $400, I might be very cheap, but by the standards of any organization, it's all right. ?

I like this idea, but I really hope it only needs to run CAT5 once.

I have my main TV, and there is a second TV in the kitchen, using Cat5 with RCA connectors (red, white, yellow), it works well, but since most products only have HDMI ports at first, I want Provide extended HDMI or other functions if I want to upgrade ?

Does anyone know if you can pass Ethernet through a switch, or it must be a direct connection between source and sink?

I can't imagine it working through a switch. The switch routes data packets that need to be arranged in a very special way. This expander will only spit out its own data stream for decoding.

It is understood that these devices do not actually send Ethernet frames, so the switch will not know what to do with them. When we connected the house with a CAT6 cable, we actually planned for it. From my partner’s study to the TV in the lounge and the TV in the room, there are 3-wire cables (2 for HDMI, 1 Used for Ethernet-based USB). Lupus downstairs. The effect is excellent, which means that we can all play PC games on the big screen without having to fight for it :).

It only uses copper wire. This is not a packet switching device.

I use one of them in my apartment to connect the PC to the TV and work as advertised. Although the distance is less than 10 meters, I am not sure how to maintain the quality over long distances.

From the appearance, it is just an extender using Cat5e or CAT6 cables. It does not actually use Ethernet (ie, data packets), but only uses the same cable. Otherwise, the distance will not be so limited.

These may actually be very unreliable. I haven't tested products that work in the specified way, which is a pity, because we think they will sell well. We currently only provide HDMI powered by CAT6 products.

In order to get the maximum distance, you need to use specially designed nano twisted cat cable. We use it in the fitness club and have reached a distance of at least 150 meters.

You can provide cables here.

Hello there,

Do I need a crossover cable connection? In which way should I wire the Cat cable T568a or T568b?

Someone please help me, I can't seem to make it useful to me

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