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Google TV Could Soon Let You Turn Your Smart TV Into a Dumb One

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"Basic TV" mode may delete all smart functions in the smart TV.

Google TV may be suitable for the next generation of smart TVs and set-top boxes, but Google also plans to adopt a "basic TV" model to cater to people with lower technical content who are not interested in smart TVs.

A screenshot of the Google TV settings screen taken by:

Reveal will have a "Basic TV" option, which will remove all smart TV features from the TV. This includes Google Assistant, access to the Play Store, the ability to run streaming applications, and even the ability to project content to the big screen.

As the name suggests, the basic TV mode in Google TV will turn your smart TV into a dumb TV. If the antenna is directly plugged into the TV, this mode will provide you with the option to switch between HDMI input and live TV. During the setup process, an option to set the smart TV as a basic TV will be displayed.

In the basic mode, the TV can only use the environmental mode of Google TV, but cannot choose to view personalized photos.

If the basic TV mode is enabled, the main screen and the "Settings" menu will display a constant option to enable the full Google TV experience. However, without a complete reset of the initial setup process, you will not be able to switch from Google TV to basic TV mode.

Google has confirmed that the Basic TV mode in Google TV is not part of Android TV 12. This means that if and when you get the Android TV 12 update, or you update Android TV 12, the Basic TV mode will not be displayed on your Android TV. Buy a new smart TV running Android TV 12 later this year.

Google said that basic TV functions are very suitable for users who can't continue to access the Internet. As the final operating speed of the smart TV decreases, it is also very useful. In this case, you can switch to the basic TV mode and continue to use the TV without buying a new TV.

Google TV is the successor to Android TV, and it will occupy a place in all upcoming smart TVs, Android set-top boxes and other products. Google TV is still built on Android TV, but has a redesigned home screen and better integration with apps and streaming services.

Google TV for the first time in

. Google later confirmed that it will also bring Google TV to smart TVs and other devices. So far, Sony has announced


Google TV should also enter many existing smart TVs and set-top boxes running Android TV later this year or in 2022.

Are Android TV and Google TV the same thing? Incomplete. We will explain the difference between these two Google systems.

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