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FOR-A Switcher Drives Multi-Camera Production for New Cubic Media OB Vehicle   - Creative Planet Network

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 9, 2021 – FOR-A Middle East Limited (a subsidiary of FOR-A Company Limited) today announced that Cubic Media Production, a broadcasting and production company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has FOR-A HVS- A production car of the 490 digital video switcher. The truck has been booked for a variety of high-profile projects, from multi-camera production of professional football matches to reporting on Abu Dhabi TV’s historic UAE Mars Rover last month.

Installed on the chassis of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van last summer, UNIT2 4K is a compact and efficient mobile device that usually supports 8 HD cameras or 6 4K cameras. Feras Hamdan, managing partner and director of operations at Cubic Media Production, said the HVS-490 is very suitable for new trucks because it has the features and options that large switchers usually have. UNIT2 4K also uses all three multi-screen outputs of the switcher.

In addition to HVS-490, UNIT2 4K also includes two FA-505 and three FA-9600 multi-channel signal processors, which are mainly used to convert external signal sources to 4K during the production process. However, the processor can also be used to synchronize input, embed and de-embed audio, provide color correction, and down-convert material from 4K to HD or HD to SD. Other installed FOR-A gears include MFR-3000 and MFR-3232 routing switches.

This is not Cubic Production's first FOR-A purchase; the company uses FOR-A equipment in its multiple mobile production units. Hamdan said: "We believe that their products will be used for our live broadcast and their support in the UAE." "Before and after the purchase, we will receive excellent technical and operational support, which makes us very interested in most broadcast chains. Having FOR-A in China is full of confidence. It gives us a feeling that FOR-A is a team member, not a product."

Mohammed Abu Ziyadeh, FOR-A Systems Engineering Manager, said: “Unless your company is reliable and can provide high-quality work, you will not be selected for real-time reporting on major projects such as the Mars Rover.” “Cubic Production continues to trust FOR -A products because they are reliable, reasonably priced, and have features suitable for HD and 4K workflows."

With the integrated frame synchronizer and multi-viewer, HVS-490 reduces the number of equipment required for live production. Through the event memory and macro function, you can easily and quickly set up the switcher for live performances, and support multiple control panels at the same time, allowing multiple operators to engage in individual tasks. MELite™ technology eliminates the need to use multiple switchers in multi-display segmentation and expands the switcher’s 2 M/E performance to 6 M/E performance. When equipped with an optional I/O expansion card, HVS-490 supports 40 inputs / 18 outputs, 36 inputs / 20 outputs or 32 inputs / 22 outputs, including two-channel HDMI output. In addition, FOR-A's FLEXaKEY™ allows the traditional AUX bus to be converted into a blending effect with cut, blend, wipe, key and DVE (including full preview) functions.

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