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Blackmagic Design introduces ATEM Mini Extreme and Web Presenter HD

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The new Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme. Image: Blackmagic Design.

Blackmagic has introduced new ATEM Mini Extreme and Extreme ISO live production switchers, which are larger versions of ATEM Mini. The new 1 M/E switchers all have the same functions, but there are a few exceptions.

ATEM Mini Extreme ISO can record all 8 inputs and programs, for a total of 9 data streams (!). 4 independent chroma keyers allow each camera to be set up virtually, up to 4 cameras can be set. The built-in "media pool" can load up to 20 RGBA graphics titles, logos, etc., all broadcast quality is the same.

The ATEM Software Control application has all the functions of a real-time switcher and control hardware. It connects via USB, but Blackmagic says that Ethernet can allow multiple users on different computers to control it.

You will be able to control the camera's aperture, shutter speed, focus, etc. You can also set different angles. The new switcher has a large number of advanced features that can perform real-time broadcast and real-time streaming without causing financial losses.

The new ATEM Mini Extreme switcher has multiple applications, including live sports, news, announcements (virtual and face-to-face), virtual meetings on Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams, real-time games and more. 

After broadcasting on ATEM Mini Extreme ISO, it will save a DaVinci Resolve project file, which can be easily opened in its famous NLE. The project will contain each cut, graphics, dissolve, etc., for further editing or replacement shots. 

In addition, the ATEM series has a firmware update of version 8.6, which adds support for mobile device streaming and automatic data rate switching.

In view of all the new features, the price of the ATEM Mini Extreme switch is quite low, at US$995. Extreme ISO is only $1,295. There are more features, so make sure you visit

Get all the details.

The new Web Presenter HD launched by Blackmagic provides a broadcast quality option that can be broadcast live to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, etc. through its 12G-SDI input. It has an H.264 processor and can support streaming up to 1080p60, while supporting Ultra HD (up to 2160p60), 1080p and 720p.

You connect a 12G-SDI source (such as a camera-to-ATEM switcher with this output) to Web Presenter HD, and then connect it to the Internet for live broadcast. Applications include news programs, virtual or face-to-face presentations, sports events, business meetings and more.

You can also stream through a USB-C connection, or use Zoom or Skype, and it also supports network sharing for 5G or 4G mobile phones. The output includes HDMI and SDI up to 1080p60, and supports RTMP.

There is also a built-in technology monitor to ensure that everything goes smoothly for real-time streaming, including stream status, video input, audio input, video and audio history, trend graphics, and video and audio meters. 

It supports Mac, Windows and Chromebook, and the price is only $495, which is an affordable option for live broadcast users. Get more information at




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