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Asus unveils ROG Phone 5, Pro and Ultimate with 6.78" 144 Hz AMOLED displays, S888 chipsets - news

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Asus released

. The game flagship has been redesigned to improve performance and ergonomics, and now offers a variety of flavors through the Ultimate version with 18GB of RAM.

Let's break down the different versions. The ordinary Asus ROG Phone 5 has three main configurations, or what Asus calls A, B and C versions. The difference between them is the memory configuration.

A has 12GB or 16GB RAM and 256GB storage space, B has a basic 8/128GB model, and C has 8/128GB and 12/256GB configurations. Please note that with the exception of model C phones and 128GB version B models, most models use UFS 3.1 storage. Is this too much technical topic? No, of course not-gaming phones (such as gaming PCs) are all about specifications.

Next is

, It has a memory option-16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 512GB of UFS storage. At last,

Increase RAM to

-Equivalent to 18GB (the storage space is still 512GB, there is no 1 TB option and microSD slot).

All three products are powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset, which is not surprising. This phone designed by Asus has performance advantages due to other components. Surprisingly, the biggest profit comes from the battery.

It has a total capacity of 6,000 mAh, divided into two batteries. This split allows Asus to position the motherboard closer to the center of the phone, which has two advantages. First, it brings AeroActive Cooler 5 as close as possible to the chipset. Second, the heat generated is kept away from the user's fingers.

The separate design also allows the company to double the charging speed to 65W. As before, you can use the USB-C port on the bottom of the phone for charging, or you can use the USB-C port on the side (allowing you to play and charge comfortably). The side port can also be used to surround an external display via HDMI, connect headphones or power the AeroActive Cooler 5. We will return to the radiator later, let's take a look at the display.

ROG Phone 5 is equipped with a 6.78-inch AMOLED display made by Samsung, and its predecessor is 6.59-inch. It has passed HDR10+ certification, with a coverage rate of 111% for DCI-P3 color space and a coverage rate of 151% for sRGB. And it is brighter than the old display, reaching 800 nits on the APL100 (full white display).

The resolution and refresh rate remain at 1080p+ and 144Hz (response time is 1 millisecond), while the touch sampling rate has been increased to 300Hz (up from 270Hz). According to Asus, the touch wait time is 24.3 milliseconds. A note on resolution: There is no adaptive refresh rate, and the display can run at 60, 120, and 144 Hz (automatic mode can switch between them according to the content).

The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass Victus and has a special coating, even if you sweat, your fingers can slide effortlessly.

Despite increasing the diagonal of the screen, Asus managed to reduce the shavedness of the bezel by 25%, so the height of the ROG Phone 5 is only a few millimeters higher than its predecessor, but actually a few millimeters narrower. The weight is basically the same as 238g.

The Pro and Ultimate versions will be bundled with AeroActive Cooler 5. When ASUS tested it, it was found that the fan reduced the surface temperature by 15ºC and the chipset temperature by 10ºC. The radiator also packs two actual shoulder buttons, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a stand. If there is no cooler, you will still get the shoulder button-AirTrigger 5 ultrasonic button. These can also be used as shortcuts outside the game, for example, by squeezing the phone in portrait mode.

If you need more accessories,

Compatible with ROG Phone 5 (and there is a redesigned version). If you have convenience, ROG Clip allows you to use PS4, Xbox or Stadia controllers. There is also a Professional Dock with HDMI port and two USB ports. TwinView Dock 3 is not supported.

There is not much to say about the camera other than "is the same." The main module has the same 64 MP Quad Bayer sensor (Sony IMX686), with 2x1 OCL autofocus, and the lens aperture is kept at f/1.8. Next is the 13 MP ultra-wide camera (125º, 11 mm), still without autofocus. Finally, there is a 5 MP macro cam.

The selfie camera is essentially the same, it has a 24 MP sensor (with Quad Bayer) and a dimmer fixed focus f/2.45 lens. The rear main camera can record 8K/30 fps video or 4K at 60 fps (120 fps for low-speed motion), and video stabilization is electronic.

The camera is obviously not the focus of ASUS ROG Phone 5, but an excellent audio-visual experience. For this, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack on board with ESS Saber ES9280AC Pro Quad DAC. The Class G amplifier will automatically detect the impedance of the headphones and switch to the appropriate mode (it supports headphones between 8 ohms and 1,000 ohms).

The board is also equipped with front-facing stereo speakers powered by two Cirrus Logic CS35L45 amplifiers. Compared with the previous generation, each amplifier can provide 21% of the power of its speakers. If you want to switch to Bluetooth speakers or headphones, aptX Adaptive, LDAC and AAC codecs are supported.

We need to go back to the differences between the three models again. This vanilla phone has an RGB backlit Republic of Gamers logo, the same as the 2020 phone. The other two have small touch displays called ROG Vision on the back.

ROG Phone 5 Pro has a color PM-OLED display, while the more advanced Ultimate model is said to have a monochrome PM-OLED display. The display shows a customizable graphic of incoming calls during charging or when the game is loading.

All three models will come with Android 11 out of the box, and you can choose between using ROG UI with game style or Zen UI with similar stocks.

Below are the prices of the three main versions of ASUS ROG Phone 5. Please note that Pro and Ultimate are bundled with AeroActive Cooler 5, while the vanilla model only gets the Aero shell and HyperCharger. The vanilla model will be available later this year, the Pro will be available in April, and the Ultimate limited edition will be available in May.

576 euros if you have friends from India.

800 euros instead of 1200 euros. This phone has a high-quality DAC. Have you ever used high-quality headphones with high-quality DAC to improve sound quality?

Like all other ROG phones, a 1,300 Euro phone is likely to only undergo a major operating system update. pitiful. I usually like ASUS monitors, graphics cards and motherboards, but this is absolutely terrible, until they improve it, I will...