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3 best Ethernet cable extenders to buy [2021 Guide]

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Although wireless technology has gone beyond providing ultra-fast speeds in the past few years, Ethernet cables still provide the most stable and highest-speed connections.

However, sometimes you may have to rely on wireless technology because the Ethernet cable cannot connect to your device.

This is where the Ethernet cable extender comes in handy. It extends the range of existing Ethernet cables that are too short to connect to routers or other devices in the home or office.

In this article, we have listed the best Ethernet cable extenders that you can purchase to get longer, unlimited and reliable connections.

The transaction may change. Keep in mind that the price tag will usually be different. We recommend that you check the price on the supplier's website. When you make a purchase decision, some products may be out of stock. So hurry up and click the "Buy" button.

The maximum extension range of Ruaeoda Ethernet extension cable is 25 feet. It is compatible with all LAN network components, including PCs, portable computers, servers, printers and switch boxes.

The Ruaeoda Ethernet extension cable can provide 550Mhz upload and download speeds for high-speed data transmission of server applications, cloud computers, video surveillance and online video streaming.

The Cat6 Ethernet extension cable provided by J&D is backward compatible with Cat 5 and 5e cables, making it compatible with your old Ethernet cables. The range of up to 15 feet is an ideal solution to extend the coverage of current Ethernet cables.

The J&D Ethernet extension cable supports a bandwidth of up to 550MHz and a transmission data speed of up to 1000Mbps, which is very suitable for online competitive games, video streaming and data transmission.

UGREEN's Ethernet extension cable is a Cat6 extension jumper RJ45 cable shielded male to female connector. This also allows you to extend the range of Ethernet cables to switch boxes, network printers and NAS devices.

Similar to other Ethernet cable extenders on this list, UGREN's Ethernet cable also supports bandwidths up to 550 MHz, which can provide high-speed data transmission for server applications, cloud computers, video streaming and low ping in competitive games.

All Ethernet cable extenders listed in this article are Cat6 cables. These cables also provide backward compatibility, making them compatible with older Cat5 and Cat5e cables.

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