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14 useful things under $15 worth reviewers love

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This pandemic has caused financial turmoil on a global scale, and we need to use our funds more carefully.

You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a lot of product transactions to help you through the difficulties.


Spending time at home means more cleaning and organization. We have compiled a series of products to provide you with help in these areas, and products with a price of less than $15 can also provide you with more help. Review the following findings:

This laptop desk has eight angle options to lock the portable workstation in place. This

Suitable for your laptop, tablet, book or drawing board. The padded bottom allows you to comfortably support the table on your lap while working. When you are done, fold the table and carry it with you with the built-in handle.

: "

Meeting my needs When I need to remove the iPad from the keyboard for use with Apple Pencil, put it in a perfect angle in different positions, and it can be done for me. "


Let you control everything from decoration to indoor appliances. Connect your holiday lights, air conditioners, heaters, audio systems, charging equipment, etc. to this socket, and then turn them on or off via the remote control. The weatherproof construction means you don't have to worry about it when it rains.

: "I needed something to turn on and off the outdoor lights hanging outside without plugging and unplugging the plug from the wall. I found this product and I need weather resistance outdoors, so this is an opportunity!

And connect to the remote control, which is easier than connecting to a Bluetooth device. "

Between zoom meetings, work, virtual gatherings, and online retail therapy, we use more devices at home than ever before. This

There are four AC power outlets and three USB ports to meet all your charging needs. There is enough space between the sockets to accommodate multiple power adapters.

: "I need a multi-function plug for the socket behind the bedside table.

Behind the bedside table, the power cord can be plugged in at the top, front and left/right sides. "

When purchasing supplies, you can leave more room for your necessities. This

Connect to the headrest bracket of the car, and provide you with two hangers that you can use at will. It can be used for groceries, clothes, umbrellas, handbags, water bottles, toys, etc. Keep the car floor tidy, and each hook can hang up to 18 pounds.

Easily turn to the front, side or back. When driving, I usually hang my wallet on the front of the passenger seat. If I have a passenger, I just turn it around and hang it on the back of the seat. "

It is not surprising that people have difficulty falling asleep during a pandemic. This

Can let you relax. You can choose one of four sounds to fall asleep: white noise, summer night, ocean waves and rain. Set the machine to turn off automatically at 15, 30, or 45 minutes. Due to its small size, you can carry this sleep assistant with you or put it in a diaper bag.

: "It's great for travel! It's battery-powered and has different sound and volume controls.

Any photographer knows that lighting is essential, but ordinary selfie enthusiasts can also take advantage of this. This

Connect to your smartphone and create your own miniature photo gallery. The soft lighting highlights your function and emits light. The ring light is rechargeable and uses 36 LEDs with three brightness levels. You can even use it to shoot videos in the dark.

: "Like the rechargeable function!

I charge once for makeup, but now I don’t need to charge again for about a week. "

Use this desktop cable manager to control all wires. adhere to

Place it on the top or side of the table, and you can wind up to 11 wires in it. Try using headphones, chargers, USB cables, power cords, Ethernet cables, HDMI cables, audio cables, etc. The sticky pad sticks to almost any surface. Just open the clamp, pass the wire through the lower part, and click to close it. A pack of three.

: "It makes the wire easy to use

Do you want to expand the closet space without hitting the wall? This

It can hold up to 35 pounds and provides you with 38 inches of hanging space, including side bars. No tools or drilling required; just hang it on the door. Adjust the width to fit 17-24 inches.

:"this is

. My hanging space is limited, but there is enough hanging space above. It feels like I have another closet. "

How many different screens do you stare at every day? Think of smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and TVs. You can't just grab any old cloth and wipe them, otherwise the surface will be damaged. These ones

It can be used safely on all types of LCD lenses. They can even be used on your camera lenses and glasses. The wipes contain a mild alcohol solution, which is safe for treated surfaces. You can get 210 wipes per pack.

: "They work very well, there are a lot of things in the box.

. The size that can be installed in a glasses case or a car is very large, and the size of a single packaging box is equivalent to the size of a wet tissue. "

Ties can only play a role in keeping food fresh. These ones

Lock and seal bags of bread, rice, nuts, beans, dried fruits and frozen foods. Tighten the plastic teeth and squeeze the bag, and keep it tight. The rubber grip makes it easy to squeeze or loosen the clamp. You get one dozen per order.

"I can’t put small plastic things on bread bags or other bags that use them. My youngest son has these, and I think they’re great. It’s

How many old cables did you put around the house? When you need them most, they never seem to be there. This

Put them all in one place. You can also place mobile phones, chargers, SD cards and smaller tablets. The suitcase is durable and waterproof, making it ideal for travel.

: "I use it as

, Flash drives, etc. I use it as a central place to store all the charger cables, data cables, flash drives, so that I can keep track of where they are. "

If you spend more time at home, dishes may accumulate. This

Can support up to 70 pounds of tableware and cooking utensils. You can use it to drip dry cookware or as a vegetable colander. The stainless steel structure makes the rack food grade, dishwasher safe and oil resistant. When you are done, just roll it up and put it away.

! This is a sturdy item that can be stored in a small place. We have a small kitchen, which provides much-needed extra space to place items or dry them. "

Few things in life provide more fun than a cup of warm coffee. If it gets colder, it's the complete opposite. This

Keep your coffee cup (or tea and cocoa powder) hot and ready. Check the indicator light to see when the item becomes hot. Easy to clean, you can go to the office with you.

:"not only

But when I spent the night in the library, I felt like an innovator, using it to keep the dinner hot. "

Buying new things is great, but frustrating packaging often hinders your excitement. This

Let you safely unbox the latest transaction. Put the scissors and the knife in the drawer, and then take apart this special tool. The cutter is also suitable for coupons, art projects, etc. The service life of ceramic blades is longer than that of steel and will not rust.

No need, I am already a digital expert.

"I never thought I needed something like this, but then I saw a YouTuber talking about it. I thought I could give it a try, so I bought it. This makes it easy to open any box. I used to use a razor or scissors. This way Faster and safer.



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