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HDTV Supply Announces a WolfPackLite 4K 32x32 HDMI Matrix Switcher - WhaTech

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HDTV Supply: HDTV Supply is one of the top manufacturers and resellers of consumer electronics accessories and related products in the United States, offering more than 13,000 products. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California. HDTV Supply has been committed to tailoring products for home theater enthusiasts and custom integrators since 2002.

HDTV Supply, one of the largest consumer electronic equipment Internet providers in the United States, announced today that they have added WolfPackLite 4K 32x32 HDMI matrix switcher products. On March 10, 2021, Los Angeles, California-HDTV Supply is one of the top Internet consumers in the United States Electronic equipment providers announced today that they have added WolfPackLite 4K 32x32 HDMI matrix switcher products.

HDTV provides WolfPackLite 4K 32x32 HDMI matrix switcher, which can switch audio and video signals at the same time. Because it is a matrix switcher, it allows any input to be routed to any output. Or route the same input to all outputs, or any combination.


Designed to allow 32 HDMI inputs to be switched and distributed to 32 HDMI outputs. It also has 16 presets to save and recall.

It also has optional Crestron & Control4 drivers.

WolfPackLite 4K 32x32 HDMI matrix switcher is the top digital matrix switcher that meets today's HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) routing requirements. This 32x32 HDMI matrix switcher is designed for routing the system's HDMI signal from 32 inputs to 32 outputs, providing high performance.


Provide comprehensive HDCP internal management for today's integration into the commercial audio-visual market, ensure HDCP key authentication and internally manage handshake.

-Create -8 card input and 8 card output 4K card cage in 4K 32x32 chassis 1, with 32-4K HDMI input and 32-4K HDMI output capacity (8U) -8-4 port 4K HDMI input card = 32-female 4K HDMI input-8-4 port 4K HDMI output card = 32-female 4K HDMI output-remote control, PC software, RS232 and front control-4K switch up to 32 HDMI signal sources to 32 displays 16-preset to save Common configuration-compatible with HDCP 1.4 and HDMI 1.4-LCD panel status display-support 3D pass-through-support full 1080p and 4K-support DDC transmission-support Dolby Digital-True HD and DTS-HD-optional Crestron and Control4 drivers-complete RS-232 control for integration of third-party control systems

The WolfPackLite 4K matrix switcher supplied by HDTV can be used in restaurants, bowling alleys, fitness centers, sports bars, shopping centers, places of worship, data centers, casinos, conference rooms, schools, home theaters or any application that requires HDMI switching.

Through our HDMI 32x32 matrix interface, you can easily control the flow between the source and the man-machine interface. When using our switcher, HDCP key authentication will no longer be a problem.

The control methods of our equipment are varied and easy to access. Provides enabled RS-232 commands for advanced user control and management.

It also has an optional Crestron module and Control4 driver.

The price of the WolfPackLite 4K 32x32 HDMI matrix switcher is US$4,000, with free shipping within the United States, and can be purchased through the following channels:

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