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WyreStorm H2C Series matrix switchers go modular

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The H2C series provides flexible and modular 4K HDBaseT distribution and is customized according to installation requirements.

MX-0606 and 0808-HDBT-H2C are designed for the latest HDCP 2.2 4K UHD video multi-source and multi-region distribution AV projects that require HDR and multi-source audio matrix switching in medium-sized residential or commercial environments.

But when it comes to audiovisual projects, WyreStorm believes that no two are the same, which is why the company places so much emphasis on providing installers with the option of 4K UHD distribution.

The H2C series allows integrators to choose specifications that meet customer requirements from the 6-way or 8-way PoH-ready matrix rack built by WyreStorm, and choose PoH transmission cards to customize for flexible, customizable multi-region 4K HDR HDBaseT releases The exact needs of the project.

Each card provides video, audio and transmission functions, which can be combined in any number or order to customize the installation for its specific application.

TX-H2-MIR provides HDBaseT Type A transmission with mirrored HDMI output. TX-H2-ARC has HDBaseT Type A transmission with S/PDIF ARC output. TX-H2-AUD provides HDBaseT Type A transmission with line-level audio breakthrough function. And TX-H2-CLB can provide HDBaseT Type B transmission without Ethernet.

H2C includes the same SmartEDID function, which eliminates conflicts when mixing 1080p and 4K screens during installation by dynamically responding to source routing changes and outputting the highest resolution compatible with all connected displays.

H2C also includes an embedded WebUI for easy setup and configuration, allowing easy access to a clean and simple switching interface.


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