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Vanco Releases New HDMI Extenders - HomeTheaterReview

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Vanco announced the release of two new Evolution fiber HDMI extenders, EVEXFBR1 and EVEXFBK1. Both new products are designed to use multi-mode fiber optic cables to extend 4K HDR signals to 984 feet, while single-mode fiber optic cables can be used to extend 6.2 miles.

EVEXFBR1 is equipped with a two-way IR ranging from 20kHz to 60kHz, and RS-232 control. In addition, the HDMI extender has two active units, with a multi-mode fiber optic module and a control cable.

EVEXFBK1 also includes two-way IR and RS-232, and additional USB 2.0 KVM pass-through. In addition, EVEXFBK1 has a transmitting and receiving unit, as well as a multi-mode fiber optic module, a control cable and a USB 2.0 cable.


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