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Vanco International Introduces New Family of Matrix Switches & 4K Receivers by Evolution - TWICE

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, Is an industry leader in audiovisual distribution and electronic accessories products, today launched a new matrix switch and 4K receiver series under the Evolution series of its professional audio and video distribution products. The new product line provides an unparalleled solution to switch multiple signal sources to multiple displays using HDBaseT

Technology, with multiple functions of control, audio, 4K HDR resolution and zoom.

The new matrix product line includes four new models with 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4 and HDR, and provides various distribution products that can work together to support various functions and price points. Both distributors and dealers are advantageous. Target products for 4K installation, selected products and selected products.

Evolution EVMX4X3 is an extension of the previous matrix switch model. It can distribute four HDMI sources to up to four displays at the same time. Three outputs of Cat6 are transmitted using HDBaseT, and one output of HDMI has analog and digital audio output.

Evolution EVMX44PRO increases the total number of outputs and provides the ability to use digital optical outputs to send any HDMI audio input or ARC to up to four zones. It allows four HDMI sources to be distributed to up to four displays at the same time, with a total of eight mirrored HDMI outputs.

Evolution EVMX8X6 provides eight HDMI sources that can be distributed to up to eight displays at the same time. Six outputs of Cat6 are transmitted using HDBaseT, and two HDMI outputs have analog and digital audio outputs.

Evolution EVMX88PRO provides the most important distribution option in the entire product line. It allows eight HDMI sources to be distributed to up to eight displays at the same time, with a total of 16 mirrored HDMI outputs. EVMX88PRO also has the function of using digital optical output to send any HDMI audio input or ARC to up to eight zones.

A series of new Evolution 4K HDR HDBaseT™ receivers have also been added to the Evolution series. The receiver consists of two models that can be mixed and matched with compatible Evolution matrix units to provide flexible modular matrix switching for any application system.

The Evolution EVRXHD2 receiver with POC and bidirectional IR allows expansion of 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, and HDR up to 131ft/40m and 1080p up to 230ft/70m via a single Cat6 cable. PoC (Power Over Cable) allows EVRXHD2 to be powered by Cat6 of the matrix unit. For projects that require more options to implement audio, control, and zoom functions, the EVRXDSC receiver has all the same features as EVRXHD2, and more features, including RS-232 pass-through, ARC, audio extraction and scaling.

Both EVRXHD2 and EVRXDSC receivers are compatible with the new EVMX4X3, EVMX8X6, EVMX44PRO and EVMX88PRO matrix units.

Brandon White said: "In the research and development of a series of evolution matrix switches and receivers, we are determined to provide a production line for full 4K AV distribution to adapt to ARC, audio routing and scaling to adapt to more complex residential or commercial Application." Vanco International Product Development Director. "With the release of this new product line, there is no longer a need to pay for unused functions and updated matrix programs. This allows the installer to flexibly tailor its project needs and budget according to the needs of customers."

The new Vanco Evolution matrix products are now on the market. Interested distributors can contact Vanco International directly for pricing.

For product specifications and more information, please visit the Vanco website:


Caster Communications, Inc., 401-792-7080

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