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U.S. Patent Granted for Hall Research EX-HDU HDMI & USB Single Wall Plate Extender - Commercial Integrator

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Hall Research CEO Ali Haghjoo discussed the patented Hall Research EX-HDU HDMI and USB single-wall flat panel extenders.

Hall Research EX-HDU HDMI and USB single-wall expansion boards have obtained US patents.

Hall Research is a manufacturer of signal management equipment for the commercial audiovisual and digital signage markets in Tustin, California, and has obtained a US patent from Hall Research.


The patent was issued on December 11, 2018.

Hall Research EX-HDU is an HDMI and USB extender consisting of a single-port Wall Plate transmitter and compatible receiver.

This product uses a single Cat 5/6 cable with a maximum length of 200 feet. Extract HDMI audio and provide it as analog stereo and multi-channel digital. The receiver can also control other devices by providing programmable contact closure I/O, RS-232 and IR output. A receiver with LAN connection is also available, providing integrated user-configurable WebGUI and IP control.

"Our engineering technology is second to none in the PRO-AV field," said Ali Haghjoo, CEO of Hall Research.

"We are able to respond quickly and effectively to customer needs, and EX-HDU is a perfect example of products that meet customer needs." He went on to say: "We are very proud of the grant of this patent and look forward to this award-winning A bright future for innovative products."

According to a press release from Hall Research, the patented wall panel obtains power from the receiver via the same UTP cable, and integrates a USB hub with two USB ports for convenience. The plug-and-play extender does not require driver installation and is compatible with all PC, MAC and Android devices.

The compatible receiver provides HDMI video, stereo analog audio, 4 USB ports, IR transmitter, terminal block with RS-232 output and 4 programmable digital I/O ports. A micro USB port is also provided for uploading user-defined configurations for applications that use Receiver as a room control system.

Users can upload RS-232 commands to EX-HDU to control other devices, such as turning the projector on and off. The command can be triggered automatically by detecting the video, or manually via the internal WebGUI, or by sensing the opening and closing contact events on the I/O port. For example, a simple toggle switch can be remotely connected to

RS-232 commands are used to turn the projector on and off.

The I/O port can be configured to act as INPUTS or OUTPUTS. When the I/O port is configured as OUTPUT, it can trigger a relay, such as lowering or raising the screen of a motorized projector. According to AJ Shelat of Hall Research, this product is an excellent solution for certain kiosk applications in conference rooms, classrooms, chapels and digital signage.

AJ pointed out: "The product provides great flexibility for the equipment and signals in the control facility, while maintaining zero footprint."

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