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Trẻ em có suy nghĩ logic từ khi nào? | Báo Dân trí

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For decades, psychologists have regarded language as an important indicator of thinking thinking.

Until 2014, experiments by famous psychologists showed that logical thinking began at the age of 3 to 5.

Nicolo Cesana-Arlotti, a doctoral psychologist at Johns Hopkins University, believes that age may be much younger than this age.

He explained: "If you have a good reason, you can draw a conclusion, and you can find evidence that it is difficult to draw such a conclusion without such a conclusion."

It opens up more information for you. Therefore, we are inspired by the belief that rational logic can play an important role in the "big picture" of babies' thinking.

He and his colleagues are right.

In a study published in the journal Science, Cesana-Arlotti and colleagues described how they identified babies with reasoning skills. Their test included 144 babies, half of whom were one year old and half were 19 months old, but none of them could speak.

During the test, the babies were sitting on the mother's lap. The mothers were silent and expressionless, so the babies would not have any hints about the mother's facial expressions. Then play the animation sequence on the personal computer screen.

Each group watched the same animation, which included virtual objects placed in front of a black screen, such as umbrellas, flowers, smiling faces, and dinosaurs.

The vertices of each object are drawn in the same way, and when two objects fly by behind the screen, umbrella or smiling face, only these vertices can be seen.

Suddenly, a cup picked up an object-the child could no longer see it-it appeared in front of the screen. Similarly, only the top of the object can be seen in the cup.

At this point, the black screen disappeared to show another object-we assume that behind it is an umbrella. In order to test the baby's logic-the ability to infer the smile must be in the cup through the elimination process-the researchers quickly pulled it out.

There was no smiling face in the cup, but another umbrella appeared. Every baby, regardless of age group, responds by looking at a longer cup. There is no difference between these two age groups.

Susan Hespos, the lead researcher of the Infant Cognitive Laboratory at Northwestern University, called the study "a series of elegant experiments" and pointed out that "all large babies, toddlers and humans exhibit similar patterns. ."

"These data provide evidence that since primitive humans began to develop, certain characteristics of humans have made our intelligence clear."

In the commentary accompanying the study, Justin Halberda, director of the Child Development Laboratory and Cognitive Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University, pointed out the emerging field of research, which is "the foundation of logical functions." And recognized the contribution of this latest research.

Halberda said: "We are scientists, which is really surprising-use logical reasoning to understand how we reason logic."

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