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The Coolest Aircraft the Year You Were Born

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Aviation progress for more than four decades.

From stealth super fighter jets to complex jet airliners, the past 40 years have brought huge leaps in aviation technology. These advanced, light and efficient winged wonders are destined to become unprecedented greats, and some of them will undoubtedly be difficult to lift off. These are the most attractive aircraft in the past 40 years, with unconventional, unmanned or unstoppable characteristics.

Branch of

, The expander can carry cargo, troops or up to 356,000 pounds of fuel. The four crew members of the Extender work far away from home, and can refuel the fighter jets with a telescopic "flying boom" installed under the tail.

Popular in the 1980s, this multi-faceted "stealth fighter" was designed to evade enemy radar and deploy to

There was almost no warning when the bomb hit the target. F-117 flew into Baghdad on the plane

Attacked a command and control facility highly supported by Iraq’s national defense.


It is a branch of Northrop's very successful F-5 freedom fighter. Although the Tiger Shark is considered an outstanding aircraft by most of the aviation industry, the Pentagon chose a larger and more complex fighter program and only built three F-20s.

When airline passengers talk about bringing the "puddle jumper" to major airport hubs such as Atlanta or Chicago, they often fly in the old Dash 8.

, An example of a twin-turboprop aircraft area passenger aircraft can be used with an aircraft carrier


The X-29 has a unique forward-swept wing that can be identified immediately. As an experimental test platform for high-tech composite materials, basic airframe design and computer-controlled flight systems,

. The onboard digital flight computer corrects its flight path up to 40 times per second to prevent it from rolling down.

Faster, bigger and wider than its predecessor, Gulfstream IV

After the introduction. Although built for civilian and corporate transportation, some Gulfstream IVs still provide services to the military and can tow cargo and VIPs. An example of a jet plane, nicknamed "Gonzo", was piloted by the National Oceano and Atmospheric Administration


"Starship" will completely change the way commercial flying. Its eye-catching composite fuselage, twin-propeller turboprop aircraft and high-tech cockpit have amazed the entire industry, but the market timing is terrible and silly

Many buyers were scared away. Only 53 spaceships were built.

A pair of modified 747 airliners served the U.S. Air Force in the form of VC-25s. Each plane is

, Meeting rooms, two kitchens and multiple seating areas. When the President flies on any VC-25 aircraft, its radio call sign changes to "Air Force One."

The "Miria" built to carry Soviet spacecraft is

When it first took off in 1988, the An-225 was equipped with 32 wheels and 6 turbofan engines, and could still carry 550,000 pounds of cargo per flight. Recently, Mriya shipped a large number of COVID-19 medical supplies from China to Europe.

The boomerang-shaped B-2 can be invisible

Conventional bombs or nuclear bombs are sold anywhere in the world. With the help of aerial refueling, the Missouri-based "Spirit" has been flying towards targets in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan without interruption for nearly two days.

First flight in 1990,

It is a mobile, stealth and versatile fifth-generation jet fighter. The Raptor was built to control enemy aircraft in air combat, or to carry two 1,000-pound bombs to eliminate ground targets. The U.S. Air Force now has 183 Raptors in service with the squadron.

The heavy Globemaster III cargo aircraft can carry a 69-ton M1 Abrams main battle tank, 170,900 pounds of equipment, or the highest

. Although the C-17 has a huge cargo capacity, it is built to operate on a small original airport and can travel 2,400 nautical miles without refueling.

The aviation industry is crazy about the idea of ​​a civilian jet plane

. Jim Bede’s dream of building small fighter jets at home has become a reality, and most of the first examples of the BD-10 that were touted at the time suffered disturbing design flaws and many Fatal crash.

The first example of Cessna’s newly designed business jet is

. Considered to be one of the top "business aircraft" of the era, the Citation X aircraft

Aircraft from Target, General Motors and Honeywell are part of Netjets' large fleet and are owned by companies such as Sydney Pollack, Steve Fossett and Donald Trump.

The Eurofighter Typhoon is a joint venture between four European countries (Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain) and is the master of the melee. The agility of the aircraft is its product

, Its delta wing profile, distinctive nose-mounted duckbill and a pair of powerful afterburner turbofan engines.

The Super Hornet is a larger and worse version of McDonnell Douglas' F/A-18 Hornet, designed to do just that. The updated F/A-18 Super Hornet bristles are equipped with missiles, bombs and

. Today, it has become the Navy's choice for air superiority, reconnaissance, aerial refueling and ground attack missions.

Burt Rutan's weird and fashionable boomerang makes almost everyone look twice. 202's asymmetrical design allows it to remain obedient even when one engine is stalled

While using a smaller engine than traditional airplanes, this strange airplane can also fly faster and farther than traditional airplanes.

Retro design

In the 1930s, Lionheart's homemade aircraft used newer technology and materials to improve the beloved old classic aircraft. Powered by the same basic engine as Staggerwing,

More stylish, faster, and can fly farther. Only a few of them are built.

Designed to extinguish fires, the amphibious Altair has a boat-shaped belly and a double-height wing fan mounted above the wings. The Be-200’s tank can

The plane can then land on a lake or sea and take up another load in just 14 seconds. General purpose aircraft can also be configured for cargo, passengers, and even used as flying ambulances.

Helios’ first flight was in 1999,

Suitable for unmanned aircraft powered by solar energy and fuel cell systems. The exquisite Helios aircraft has an amazing wingspan of 247 feet and is driven by 14 brushless DC motors. Later, the experimental aircraft disappeared

During a flight in 2003

In order to keep up with the rapid development of western aviation technology, Russia’s Mikoyan Design Bureau slowly developed a

Designated item 1.44. After the Kremlin conducted its first test flight in 2000, it quickly discovered a list of defects and engineering problems, and then boldly abandoned the plan.

The predator is unmanned and unarmed, can fly for several hours, and is monitored from above using sophisticated cameras and sensors. Later versions of drones moved from reconnaissance missions to powerful hunter roles.

, Which allows the aircraft to transport bombs or missiles to hostile territory.

The days when all fighters are expected to be unmanned,

Developed experimental X-45. The stealthy flying wing can carry up to 8 bombs in an internal weapon bay, which can destroy heavy defensive targets without causing any danger to the pilot.

SpaceShipOne is destined to be the first private space plane, making its first flight in 2003-first taxiing, then rocket power. The second year, the craft

Because it stayed briefly above the atmosphere and entered the record book.

When Saeqeh arrived at the scene, it caused confusion. Aviation journalists and evaluators quickly noticed Iran’s new super fighter

By the 1970s, the outdated American-made Northrop F-5 Tiger was sold to the country. Iran's claim that "Saeqeh" is not only comparable to the most advanced fighter jets in the West, and it has not been confirmed so far.

Another attempt to bring micro jet fighters to life,

Cooperated with an Israeli company and sold javelins with a price tag of $3 million as business jets and military trainers. But shortly after this stylish jet flew for the first time in 2005,

Crashed and burned.

The United States' latest combat multi-role fighter, the F-35, serves the United States Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and allies. Different versions of the aircraft can take off from regular runways,

, Or operate from an aircraft carrier. F-35 is expected


This little

It was tested in the waters of Lake Constance in 2007. This is the dream of athletes. The German-designed S-Ray can fly almost anywhere (land, sea or air). The stylish carbon fiber concept aircraft is powered by engines mounted above its two-seater cockpit.

The White Knight 2 was built specifically to lift the Virgin Galactic space plane to a launch altitude of 50,000 feet. It is a large mothership powered by four turbofan engines. Studies have been conducted to determine whether the aircraft may also be

And was hired to extinguish forest fires.

The fuselage of the 787 is the most modern passenger aircraft in the world, with a carbon fiber content of 50%. Compared with earlier passenger aircraft, it is lighter in weight and more fuel efficient. Internal innovations include an improved pressurization system, more luggage compartments and

Than standard airliner