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GameCube Mini, anyone?

Ah, the humble trademark. Few things can make a company as swiftly as a company that registers a name or title related to your favorite game or console. Of course, when it is bundled with GameCube-the console is very popular due to the arrival of the console

And announced in December

-Nintendo fans like us are really excited.

Facts have proved that Nintendo has registered three new trademarks related to the GameCube brand in Japan. Although we are clearly far from the GameCube Mini-we are still waiting for the N64 Mini, or Nintendo-this does indicate that Ninty plans to use its Boxing Console legacy to do certain things.




Mine is still plugged in! Out of old considerations, I should rotate again.

As crazy as the GameCube mini, I think the next one is the N64 mini. Now, what if you want to hint at GameCube games on Switch? ? ? Register me! ! ! ! ??

Gamecube classic version! Have more inventory than SNES!

The um gamecube controller is released for smashing? Or is it to be released without a trademark?

Anything in GameCube is a victory. I don't care what it will be.

Before the official announcement, I will not have any hope.

Can I play "classic" games on my Switch without having to buy and find another place to plug in another unnecessary game console?

How to re-release the physical Gamecube HD Collection series for Switch (maybe with some extra content/favorites). Imagine it on your bookshelf! Compatible with GC controller and new Wavebird Pro

I threw the money on the screen.

I don't care how they do it, I just want to play GameCube games again.

Please use GameCube games on Switch. After playing some games at 1080p and above on Dolphin, I can safely say that many of them still look great. Or just give us a GameCube mini because it is better than N64.

Now, I will continue to use Wii to complete all the functions of the GameCube, because I have equipped it with an HDMI adapter, and Luigi's Mansion looks great on the big screen, but unfortunately it did not appear on the Switch

Let's make an N64 Mini first, shall we? Never mess up the order of the universe...

How to put a game on a console that people already own but still support... Did you know that it's like the Switch?

I'm just thinking about pre-ordering the re-release of the GameCube controller adapter. If they announce the GC game on Switch, I will finish it in a second.

Same as all other old trademarks. Renew it so that they retain the rights, nothing more.

What about SwitchCube? It is linked to your account, so you don't need to buy all the games again, it's like a console, not a portable device.

There may be nothing. But I'm about to get a GameCube, I don't want to waste my money...

I am with other people. GameCube is my favorite game console of all time, followed by Dreamcast. Both have a small number of games, but most of them are just excellent games.

Write an article about the new Gamecube trademark that is being registered.

Do not write what these trademarks actually are.

Come on, it's better than

Did not really say how to obtain them.

I'm trying not to get too excited, because it might be meaningless. I missed the GameCube that day, even so, I will welcome the mini version!

...And I also want to use it when they buy the N64 Mini.

I still have all my Gamecube games...I just don't have Standard Def TV to play them...

I always seem to skip a generation of Nintendo consoles. I have a 1980s NES, but no SNES. Then I have N64, but no Gamecube. Then there is Wii, but there is no WiiU. Now I have a Switch.. Having said that, as long as I can get started, I can buy any Nintendo Mini they want (or will produce). One. ?

Disclaimer: Atheist, but was born and raised in the southern United States, but there are no other phrases that show my despair.

Sweetheart Jeezus, please make this a reality.

Interestingly, these are 3 new trademarks, not a renewal trademark. I will wait to hear more (n64 mini will be used first...even though my collection is very stable on n64), but I will say n64 mini and gamecube mini...I will fight scalpers in the store to get one .

Edit: Looks like a trademark renewal. Even 3ds got one.

When we count the days of release, how difficult will it be for them to switch to supporters for the official port of N64 Smash Bros? Is it a melee?

Make it an actual cube cube

Maybe just to allow them to keep the proprietary name of their newly manufactured Gamecube controller, nothing more.

How to make the best new cube.

1. Make the switch

2. Remove the screen and large battery.

3. Add 3 additional data card slots to provide a lot of memory for the game.

4. Put it in a shell similar to Gamecube.

Sold together with Switch game cards with 10 classic Gamecube games.

And an independent game with 10 Gamecube classic and 10 N64 classic.


The only GameCube game I still play is Monkey Ball for the Monkey Goal game. Sega should release an independent monkey target, and I will even buy a switch to play with.

I will pre-order in "Healthy Beat"! ! ! I also have an N64 mini. I know the game looks terrible, and it's not all. But it is very good to set up in my game room.

Will Ninty get to the point of making Wii Mini in a few years? Still too early?

I would be interested in GC Mini, but I hope we buy N64 Mini first.

I hope that all GameCube games can be reproduced in HD on the switch. A few days ago, someone recommended Star Fox Assault HD on Reddit. I will jump for it!

I can't wait to use the GameCube mini, I do have a GameCube skin on my Switch. That being said, let's proceed in order. Please use N64 first.

I like my SNES Classic. When I was young, I never had the opportunity to play "Super Punch Out", so it was the first time for me to play on Classic. This is my latest popular game.

Still plugged under the TV, but I will welcome it. Want 64 mini First tho

Trademarks are not news, because this is just something the company must do, and you didn’t even say what these three trademarks are.

Another useless new story on this site.

GameCube classic for Nintendo Switch.

My wallet is ready.

What a great game console, it has great games, such as ResidentEvil remake, Melee, Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin, Mario party 4, Merroid Prime and Wind Waker, etc.

If Mini Gamecube can play "Actual Gamecube" disks and transfer the stream as a monitor to Nintendo Switch = Portable Gamecube, as long as the Mini Gamecube can be turned on using the built-in battery.

"Instead of waiting for Nintendo forever, it's better to use Dolphin or modify Wii / WiiU."

Play Gamecube games on the Wii machine instead of on the Emulator Dolphin.

Not even any good gamecube games

As long as there is paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, F-Zero GX, Eternal Darkness, Resident Evil Remake, Symphony Story and the sky of "Acadia Legend", that is something I must buy. Shooting a proper "Symphony Story" at 60fps 720p is great.

You must be mistaken there. There are many amazing GameCube games. Do you even own a GameCube?

Metroid Prime? The wind and cloud? F-Zero Gx? Paper Mario: TTYD?

Rogue leader?

Can't you tell this news excites me?

I like this. I hope it will happen.

Unless we know specific content, I will assume that this is your average copyright update, and this is the main Clickbait.

It doesn't matter, sometimes we are all wrong. GameCube has a rich game catalog, just to name a few from memory:

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Mission

Super Smash Bros: Melee

The Adventures of the Interstellar Fox

Star Fox Commando

Protect the animals

Luigi's Mansion

Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime 2: Echo

Fire sign

Wave Race: Blue Storm

Paper Mario


Pikmin 2

F zero GX

Pokemon Colosseum

Pokemon XD: Wind of Darkness

Super Mario Sunshine


Eternal darkness

Soul of Sword II

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut Version

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Sonic Hero

Resident Evil Zero


Spiderman 2

Ultimate Spiderman


The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Batman Shadow Mystery


The Simpsons: Start and Run

Peter Jackson's King Kong

Shadow Hedgehog

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars II

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

WWE Day of Recking

WWE Day of Recking 2

Burned out

Burnout 2

Godzilla: Destroy all monsters in melee

Input matrix

The real crime: New York City

The real crime: the streets of Los Angeles

Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Super Monkey Ball

Madden American Football 02-08


Tony Hawke's Underground 2

I don't want another mini console. I want to play games with me on Switch! I want to believe that this is a sign of the port or collection of Gamecube ported to Switch. I mean, Switch will support GC controller anyway, why not?

If we do get Gamecube mini, then they must use Game Boy Player and add GBA and Game Boy games at the same time. But I also hope to support it on Switch!

If you want to make a list of great GameCube games, then you really should remove Shadow of Hedgehog from that list....

To be fair, it can be said to be the same for most (or even not all) 3D Sonic games. They are scary, but they are great. This also applies to the "True Crime" series. Just like movies, some games are too bad, they are so good! Must love them!

of course

This is the correct way to play Gamecube games on other Nintendo machines (Wii).

I use the AV2 HDMI converter + HDMI cable to play Gamecube games on the old Wii to upgrade the graphics.

As a Starfox fan, he is very desperate. He is willing to forgive some nonsense. I have to disagree with Starfox Adventures. Like most Sonic 3D games, it is terrible, not even fun. It's painful to play, and most importantly, it's not very aging. They basically pasted some common dinosaur IP and inserted Fox, which shows.

The assault is okay. I hope they can once again achieve a new breakthrough in third-person shooting with Fox, but the performance is better. But as a fan of Starfox, Ive learned to meet the minimum requirements. Haha

In addition, I have to pay full price for the HD versions of The Legend of Zelda, Pikmin and Metroid Prime on the Switch. It is best to put them all on several switch boxes instead of those small, fragile CDs. Especially when it is inevitable that Pikmin and Metroid Prime are equal.

Gamecube mini has a problem. Many great games have been remade or enhanced and have been released on multiple consoles. First of all, there is not much, nothing compared to SNES. If it is not completely imitated, it cannot be simulated correctly. Then there is storage, because we are no longer talking about cartridges here.

Sadly, even the theoretical N64 mini cannot attract me like the excellent SNES mini. I have never liked N64 graphics, and hate how they render pixel joints (the first two 3D generations draw pixel-by-pixel textures of pixel models), and the muddy filtering is useless, and the low-texture RAM requires them to be programmed in logic Struggling instead of dealing with PS1 pixel art options that artists can freely choose.

Therefore, I want to know if there are other things to look forward to besides Mega Drive mini, but they have dubious options for partnerships and their generally low-level capabilities. The Saturn mini will be cool, but it is a design nightmare, and I suspect that the guy who stays in Sega knows what's better than spilling coffee on the blueprint. (I thought they had some people who could establish 1:1 PC port in a short time)

Great, but let's not skip generations! #N64 Forever!

This is because they provided new paid online services in September.

How to improve video quality? I used a component cable on the 1st generation Wii (and WiiU), but I can't see what the converter will do, which is beneficial in any way. And, if you have an HDTV that can bypass the digital processing and send the analog signal directly to the panel (gaming mode usually uses strict digital control but other ways use an analog image tuner to do this), so much the better . Wii and WiiU do not use digital post-processing when outputting through components, so from the rendering process to the beginning of the screen, it is a direct simulation.

I feel you! ! I don’t have enough space on 2 TVs, so all I have to do this year is to find a Snes mini on eBay with 6,000 classic games on it. Complete library of Nes, Snes, Genesis, Atari 2600/5200/7800, Colecovision, Neo Geo, Turbographx 16, Sega CD and more! There are even 350 original MAME arcade games and 265 psone games! ! It was amazing. As a result, I bought the second one, and then I cancelled the original Genesis, Nes, Snes Atari system and Nes mini, Master System configuration. Now I have enough space to accommodate the new broadcast! Haha?

I plugged Wi2's AV2HDMI from Wii to Sharp Aquos TV. The result is better for Gamecube games, but it is eliminated for Wii games.

I have tried the Wii component cable, but compared to AV2HDMI, I am not satisfied.

I hope it is not a micro system, because I already hate them. Not everyone can afford micro systems, even if they can. These games should be available for everyone to purchase on the Switch, in limited quantities.

Sorry, but you are using the wrong method. Component vs composite is day and night. We are talking about six (better quality) picture "components", not two.

Analog component: 6

Digital component: 6 bits 8 bits

Analog RGB: 3

Digital RGB: 3 to 8 bits

Digital SRGB: 10 bits 3 bits

YCC: 3

Composite (the default is analog): 2, but in fact it is basically 1.5

There is nothing better than component video, this is the purpose of Blu-ray. Moreover, if you output a composite image, regardless of all the mixing effects between them, you have lost nearly 90% of the usable sharpness and color accuracy.

Hmm... Wii's analog component?

I will search from Ebay.

I've said this before the N64 was my favorite console of all time, but it still holds true. If it can be achieved, of course I will snap up the N64 Classic

However, as far as my favorite Nintendo game console is concerned, the GameCube is not far behind. It was released when I was a freshman in college. I used my N64 to trade with all my games (not easy) and got the best game memory until the entire Wii appeared. Due to lack of enough space and time to actually play them, I tend not to use the old game console (the Wii U is an exception. I passed it to my daughter after I got the Switch). However, if I know that we still don't have a GameCube virtual console to this day, then I will make an exception.

Symphony Story

The legendary sky of Arcadia


Paper Mario: The Gate of 1000

Baten Kaitos (x2)

All of these are the masterpieces of GameCube.

But more importantly, these games are one of the greatest games ever!

Due to its laser problem, my Gamecube is in an "interrupted" state, however, all of my GameCube games, controls and memory cards can work well (obviously because of the retrospective compatibility of the Wii).

Okay, then wait for Nintendo’s Gamecube system (well, it’s still N64)

When it comes to the annoying GameCube rumor factory, I almost become insensitive. They have been doing it for many years, but not yet. At the same time, Sony has been providing PS2 games for ten years? They obviously won't be part of an online subscription (it's like giving away games for free, and they won't do that). With their retirement from VC, and considering that the Switch will receive NES games for 18 months, I have given up hope.

These rumors are terrible.

If they just skip N64 and jump directly to GameCube, I would be very happy. There are not enough high-quality titles on N64 that will not be lost in trademark hell.

I am also-N64 graphics are not as beautiful as 8-bit/16-bit sprites and Gamecube games. However, I will not say no to "Pulp Mario", "Rockman Legend 1 + 2"

There are still six boxes here, four of which are used for MK: DD 16 player LAN, one is stored securely in its awesome LoZ: WW box, and the beautiful ToS version I once played alone.

imo is one of the best game consoles ever, but this may be related to the fact that this is the first TV system I bought for myself, and I have money to buy games. What is that, and what amazing game it is still today!

In other words, the switch can simulate those gamecube games. Some are heavy! Say so

Hmm... A GameCube mini must use Viewtiful Joe!

I think that since they still support 3ds VC, the Game Boy series of mini consoles will waste their resources.

But yes, I would rather put these games on my Switch.

In my opinion, this may just be related to the GameCube controller.

Switch brought me back to the game field, mainly because of its portability. The mini console is the opposite of what I want-play games for me; but keep me free! Then I will empty my wallet to play GC games on Switch!

I all like Gamecube Mini! But it must (and definitely will) have Super Mario Sunshine.

I still connect to my GC. In addition, I have a modified Wii with clear tearing and nintendont to play my PSO games online.

I did consider setting up a joint bank account with Nintendo so they can take my money directly so as not to scratch our screen.

I want to give us a gamecube2, but switching feels like Gamecube, ds, gba and many things

Well, considering that GameCube is a commercial loser like Virtual Boy and Wii U (for those who are going to argue, both DS and GBA spent a lot of time to prevent Nintendo from losing money in the GC era), why?

The only Nintendo console I care about is SNES. So I don’t care about their other game consoles. (Except for Switch, of course).

For Nintendo to surpass itself, we still need to get the N64 Mini first.

N64 and Gamecube mini will require more powerful hardware than NES and SNES mini. Nintendo will either have to sell them at high prices or get very low profit margins. To many consumers or Nintendo, this does not sound very interesting. Personally, I think we will eventually see certain N64 and GC games released with the Nintendo Online service.

Hello newman

Hey, how about there?

I'm making color

I love GameCube! If they really did anything, that would be great.

Since then I only had Xbox, I never have my own anymore, but I love my sister's GameCube. When I got the Wii, she and my brother-in-law gave me some games and 3rd party administrators, and I bought more games myself. This is the only reason why I still own Wii after getting Wii U.

I hope they recreate the GameCube again.. The fun we once had is beyond description

The cube shape brings you a different pleasure, and you did not optimize it in the Switch or Wii. I hope they can reconsider GameCube.

For similar reasons, N64 mini is unlikely to appear, it requires 4 controllers, and for professional systems, this will be a lot of extra cost. It would be better to make a wireless Gamecube controller compatible with the Switch and publish the game on the Switch (this is a dream come true. It is unlikely, but...hopefully).

If you have to choose, this is the Gamecube list of what I want to display on VC:

Kirby's air trip

Mario Kart Tandem Dash

Super Mario Commando

Mario Tennis

Pikmin 1 or 2

Zelda Wind Waker

Symphony Story

Fire Emblem: Path of Glory

Super Monkey Ball 1 or 2

Super Smash Bros Melee

The next dimension of X-Men

Bloody Roar: Primal Fury

Caliber 2

Naruto Shippuden 2

Phantasy Star Online, which greatly increases the experience value and rare drop rate, and is free online

~Mega Man command mission

Impossible, but Sonic MegaMix + Sonic Gems collection.

I would not buy without Fire Emblem.


Stay there, you need


It's this time of year again

Animal crossing in front

Kickstarter campaign started in June this year

Happy March 10!

Arrive next month

Game introduction


Action, fighting


December 7, 2018 (

), $59.99

), £59.99

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