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Blackmagic Design announced the new

These new versions add 3D LUT, time code and other functions, and support 1080p 24, 47.95p and 48p frame rates.

The new Blackmagic Micro Converter 3G model! The world's smallest broadcast quality converter, with 3G-SDI and new advanced features, including 3D LUT, time code, and supports 1080p24, 1080p47.95 and 1080p48 movie rates! Available now, prices start at $45.

The new Blackmagic Micro Converter 3G model is a small and compact broadcast video converter that allows you to connect and convert HDMI to SDI and vice versa.

Blackmagic Micro Converters can handle RGB or YUV 8-bit and 10-bit video formats, as well as all SD and HD formats with resolutions up to 1080p60. You will also get fully embedded audio and timecode support.

Blackmagic Micro Converters include a USB connection power supply and change settings through the Converter Utility on Mac and Windows. Since USB powers the converter, you can even power the converter from a TV or laptop. There are even LEDs for displaying power and video status. You can also purchase Blackmagic Micro Converter with AC power supply, which includes 4 adapters for international use.

This version includes a 17-point 3D LUT for color calibration of any monitor, projector or TV. You can also output a 3D LUT on the SDI loop output. It supports DCI format and movie rate, including 1080p24, 1080p47.95 and 1080p48.

This model provides you with two 3G-SDI outputs, which can be set to A-level or B-level format. It also supports video formats including 1080p24, 1080p47.95 and 1080p48.

Blackmagic claims that this is the smallest two-way broadcast quality converter in the world. It allows you to convert SDI to HDMI and simultaneously convert HDMI to SDI, both formats are different. It also supports camera control protocol conversion, so you can use BMPCC with SDI live production switcher.

You can use the free converter utility to change settings and update the converter software, which can be downloaded from the Blackmagic Design website. The software connects to the USB connection on the Micro Converter and can run on Mac and Windows computers. You can use the utility to change the name of the converter, which is useful for identifying which converter is used for which task. When using a two-way converter, you can even set the camera number, so the converter knows when it is controlled by the real-time production switcher. You can also choose between Class A and Class B of 3G-SDI video output.

The Micro Converter SDI to HDMI 3G model includes a 3D LUT for accurate color monitoring. This allows you to customize the appearance, color and gamma value changes in real time for on-site monitoring. The LUT can also be applied to 3G‑SDI loop output, allowing you to use the converter as a 3D LUT processor. You can also use a 3D LUT to obtain a color-calibrated graduated display through a low-cost computer monitor or TV. By using the DaVinci Resolve primary color corrector, you can create an appearance and then save it as a custom 3D LUT.

The new Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI / HDMI 3G model supports camera control, so you can use Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with ATEM SDI switcher. The ATEM switcher sends camera control via SDI, and the converter can convert it to the camera's HDMI. 

You connect SDI from the converter output to the switcher input, output the switcher program to the converter input, and then connect the HDMI converter input to the Pocket Cinema Camera. Then, you add the camera number in the Converter Utility, you can control the camera color corrector, prompt, and even record remotely. It can even work in reverse, and you can connect and control SDI cameras through an HDMI switcher (such as ATEM Mini).

The new Micro Converter 3G model supports HDMI and SDI timecode conversion. You can even fully support timecode in standard definition and high-definition video formats. If you have any HDMI device that supports time code, you can convert it to SDI and input the time code into a larger broadcasting system.

Blackmagic Micro Converter includes built-in SDI retime on 3G-SDI output. Before the converter sends the signal to other devices, SDI retiming will regenerate the SDI video, reduce SDI jitter and improve the SDI eye diagram. This can extend the cable length, because even the degraded SDI signal can still be used. Blackmagic Micro Converters also fully comply with SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 296M, SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 425M Class A and B broadcast standards.

Blackmagic Micro Converter 3G models support SDI format, including:

HDMI video standards include:

Blackmagic Micro Converter 3G models are available now, prices are as follows:

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