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Monitor "Turns Off" By Itself - External Hardware

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Welp must reload my page and must rewrite this message again, but hey!

Short and sweet.

I have a PS5, 2 monitors, a PC and an HDMI switcher.

There are two HDMIs available in one monitor, so I can use the console and PC at the same time. The problem is due to the purpose of the installation design, I need to use another monitor on the console to play games. The problem was that the other monitor only had one HDMI available, so I had to buy a switcher from Amazon. The switcher itself can work.

But now I have a new and bigger problem. After using the switcher to switch to PS5, monitor #1 (non-switcher, 2 HDMI) screen is completely black after a few seconds to a minute. That's why I use quotation marks in the title. It is not actually closed, but it is all black. No image is displayed, but you can know that the monitor itself is still turning on.

For troubleshooting and curiosity purposes, I used the switcher to return from the console to the PC, and now Monitor #2 (switcher, 1 HDMI) is working abnormally. It said it could not find the source, so it turned it off.

The display itself can work. Do you think this is because I used a switcher? I will link below and provide more information, but what do you think? If needed, I hope the solution does not include purchasing more parts. I'm bankrupt now, so I don't buy more computer parts now.

For this special situation, it is recommended that you call the support hotline of the display switch supplier. These things will quickly become complicated.

In addition, you should ensure that you have installed the latest stable version of the driver for the graphics card/chip downloaded from Nvidia or AMD, and not from Windows Update or any third-party source.

-Use this tool to collect and publish information about your PC hardware, software and configuration (

You have crashed).

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