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London Symphony Orchestra Taps Panasonic’s 4K PTZ Cameras to Continue COVID-19 Performances

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Friday, March 5, 2021-11:28 AM

The London Symphony Orchestra continues to perform in a global audience during the pandemic thanks to the upgrade of the Panasonic 4K PTZ camera in St Luke, where the LSO Community and Music Education Project LSO Discovery is located. The camera is beautifully remodeled in the old London city Church rehearsal space in the street.

"One of the top priorities to ensure the safe performance of the orchestra is to minimize the number of other people in the space," he said.

. Panasonic PTZ cameras are particularly useful in helping us remove camera operators from the performance space, but they can still maintain the same quality of concerts. We found that the camera can be easily hidden and is very quiet. They perform very well under low light conditions, and the optical quality has been significantly improved. "

When LSO was forced to stop performing at the famous Barbican Concert Hall, the orchestra decided that the performance must continue. Cameras are placed around the musicians.

The new system includes seven Panasonic AW-UE150 cameras. This flagship PTZ camera uses a type 1 MOS large sensor, which supports high-quality 4K 50p video and simultaneous 4K/HD operation. It is equipped with a 75.1-degree viewing angle, 20x optical zoom and a variety of outputs, including 12G-SDI, HDMI, optical fiber and IP.

The camera is connected to a spare line through its optical fiber module to integrate other cameras or connect to an external broadcasting device when needed. An auxiliary space in the basement has been converted into a TV gallery, which can accommodate up to 3 camera operators. They can use new and previously installed Panasonic cameras, which can already record smaller indoor concerts. Each operator has the ability to control multiple cameras. The flexibility of the controller allows LSO St. Luke to adjust its method according to the density of the script.

"When LSO St Luke's challenged the challenge of capturing the orchestra, one of the most exciting things was that we were able to integrate a greatly improved system, which in turn allowed us to take on more creative shooting possibilities, Mycroft added "It is really important for us to return the orchestra to the Barbican, especially for the live audience to enjoy the live music, but it is great to bring some joy to our audience from LSO St. Luke's. "

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