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Key Digital's KD-X444S provides tools for 4K HDR extension

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The flagship full-featured 18 Gbps HDBaseT HDMI extender kit has attracted people’s attention.

Suitable for distance requirements from 4K to 40m and distance requirements from 1080P to 70m. The feature set and powerful built-in tools in KD-X444S are dedicated engineers of AV integrators, and can provide everything needed for reliable HDMI signal extension.

KD-X444S is the "preferred solution" for expanding 4K 60 fps content through HDR and Key Digital's wide range of 4K 18Gbps products. Since the capabilities of HDMI can be extended with a single CAT 5e/6 cable, this particular set of HDMI extenders has gained widespread popularity and is therefore very suitable for retrofit applications where it may not be possible to lay new wires behind the wall. KD-X444S uses visual lossless compression to achieve bandwidth expansion, which was previously impossible to achieve through HDBaseT expansion. Unlike competing products that also use compression, engineers

Further developed technology including 10G pass-through mode, which can expand the input signal with a bandwidth of 10.2Gbps or less without compression.

KD-X444S has the function of supplying power via the +5V infrared sensor on the infrared input port, and can collect line-of-sight infrared from the remote control without the need for an external infrared connection block. The two channels of infrared and bidirectional RS-232 can realize the control of the equipment or control system connected with the transmitter and receiver unit. It also supports CEC pass-through for inter-device control between input and output HDMI channels.

The extender kit is compatible with up to HDCP 2.2, and backward compatible, and has a high dynamic range (HDR10). Key Digital’s HDR10 delivery is part of its proprietary Full Buffer Technology (FBT), which manages TMDS re-timing/signal regeneration, HDCP authentication with source and display, EDID controlled handshake, and thermal on both sources Plug detection control and display. Key Digital has an internal library with 16 EDID handshake, which includes updates to the 4K handshake, which includes HDR header information. Native EDID data from the connected output/display device can be provided to the video source.

The integrator can choose to pass the handshake to the connected video source. In the field, the integrator will find carefully designed EDID and control dials on the equipment. This is a very useful tool to inform the exact video and audio format required by the signal source to which it is connected. Compared with the cumbersome format selection in the setting menu of the connected source device before, they only need to turn a dial to adjust the format selection, and when HDR is not in the handshake process, this was previously necessary

KD-X444S utilizes HDBaseT through a single CAT5e/6 UTP/STP expansion, and automatically adjusts feedback, equalization and amplification according to the cable length. The extender kit provides UHD/4K support, supports 4096×2160 or 3840×2160 24/25/30/60hz (4:4:4) with a resolution of 4:4:4, with a bandwidth of up to 18Gbps, and provides flexibility through HDBaseT Power supply, and the transmitter only needs a power connection. Power the receiver, or the receiver powers the transmitter.

KD-X444S uses Key Digital's low-profile and ultra-thin chassis design

Universal rack-mountable shelves provide ideal mounting options.