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Key Digital Spotlights Newest Proprietary HDMI Extension Technology

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November 5, 2020, Mount Vernon, New York (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-The award-winning professional AV and control system manufacturer Key Digital has attracted much attention on the KD-EX18G HDMI extender kit, which has Key Digital’s New proprietary HDMI extender technology, UHDoTP (UHDoTP) twisted pair.

The KD-EX18G with UHDoTP is different from other HDMI extenders in that it enables Key Digital to provide this powerful extender kit at a more cost-effective price than most HDBaseT products. KD-EX18G has 4K / UHD 18G expansion, 4K to 1080p down conversion, HDMI pass-through, CAT power supply, two-way IR, handshake control and forced hot-swap functions, all of which are designed with a low-profile ultra-thin chassis.

"We are pleased to showcase our new proprietary 4K to 1080p downconversion technology, twisted pair UHD technology or UHDoTP. Key Digital is proud of the technological advances that can continue to change the application and scope of AV products and devices, and UHDoTP affirms It will change the rules of the game.” said Masha Tsinberg Lakhter, chief operating officer of Key Digital. "We recognize that a product series requires multiple functions, and the valuable KD-EX18G expansion kit can check so many boxes while maintaining extremely high cost-effectiveness. This is only the first Key Digital product series to use UHDoTP, and we are eager Expect it to be accepted by the market."

This new extender kit supports speeds up to 18Gbps, meets the requirements of HDCP2.2, and through a single CAT5e/6 cable through 4:4:4 chroma sub-sampling, in the case of up to 35m (115ft) and 1080p signals The following 4:4:4 chroma sub-sampling expands the video resolution to 4096x2160. Extend to 50m (164ft).

KD-EX18G provides additional integration options in both new filling and refurbishing infusion, with 4K to 1080p down-conversion characteristics, and can be applied to UHDoTP output. Using KD-EX18G in key digital matrix systems, integrators can send signals from a 4K video source to a 1080p display without the 4K source reducing its output resolution. After activating this function, the integrator will benefit a lot, because the signal may now be extended by 50m (164 feet).

HDMI pass-through can be connected to a local monitor or AV receiver to support Dolby®, Dolby®TrueHD, DTS™ and DTS-HD™ (up to 7.1) surround sound. KD-EX18G has the unique function of duplicating the EDID handshake from the monitor or AV receiver connected to the HDMI pass-through port as an alternative method of duplicating the monitor connected to the receiving unit. When the above resolution down conversion is applied, the HDMI pass-through port remains active for the incoming 4K signal.

The UHDoTP output on KD-EX18G provides support for Dolby®, DTS™ (format up to 5.1/6.1), and automatically adjusts feedback, equalization and amplification according to the cable length through a CAT5e/6 cable, thus realizing Extension. By applying 18G support technology to all video formats exceeding 10.2Gbps to adapt to the UHDoTP transmission channel, visually lossless compression can be achieved.

With flexible CAT power supply (PoC), only one power connection is required. The transmitter can power the receiver or the receiver can power the transmitter.

KD-EX18G has support for HDR10 (High Dynamic Range) video, allowing users to experience more realistic images through a wider range of brightness levels. Key Digital's HDR10 delivery is part of its proprietary full buffer system that manages TMDS retiming and signal regeneration, HDCP authentication of source and display, EDID handshake control, and hot plug detection control. The KD-EX18G extender kit provides the highest possible support in the extremely popular preferences for video signals, while having higher contrast and higher resolution. In 10G pass-through mode, uncompressed 10.2Gbps signal expansion is enabled.

Key Digital has an internal library with 15 EDID handshake, which includes updates to the 4K handshake, which includes HDR header information. In addition, native EDID data from the connected output/display device can be provided to the video source. Three of the 15 EDID settings apply 4K to 1080p down conversion.

In addition to HDMI video and audio signals, KD-EX18G also has IR for controlling remote equipment. Powered by the +5V IR sensor on the IR In port, KD-EX18G can collect line-of-sight IR from a remote device without using an external IR connection block. Using the up/down infrared, two infrared channels can realize the control of the equipment or control system connected with the transmitter and receiver unit.

KD-EX18G's deep color supports up to UHD/4K 30Hz 4:4:4/12 bit or 60Hz 4:4:4/8 bit.

KeyDigital® is led by the "Father of DVD" Mike Tsinberg and is an award-winning professional manufacturer of distributed video and control system equipment for InfoComm, CEDIA, CES and NAHB.   

Since 1999, Key Digital has led the ever-evolving audiovisual industry by designing products that provide industry-leading quality, performance and reliability for corporate, bar and restaurant, digital signage, education, government and church applications.  

Key Digital products are designed and manufactured in-house in Mount Vernon, New York. The result of arduous research, development and testing is excellent quality, easy installation and versatility. Professional knowledge and unparalleled knowledge have created a unique software and hardware package solution, which is very suitable for consultants, designers and installation companies in the audio-visual industry. KeyDigital® provides first-class products based on quality, performance and reliability. 

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