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How to Watch the Matrix Trilogy in Australia – Canstar Blue

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Since the first film was released in 1999, the cyberpunk stories of "Rising Stars, Trinity" and "Morfes" trying to liberate humans from "The Matrix" have attracted many audiences and firmly rooted in popular culture. And other areas.

The fourth batch of products will be released at the end of 2021. Now is the perfect time for you to return to "The Matrix" and jog to the present. To help you, Canstar Blue has found a place where you can transfer to Matrix for your next movie carnival.

The Matrix trilogy can be streamed via BINGE and Foxtel, and can also be purchased or rented via Amazon Prime Video, Fetch, YouTube Premium or Google Play.

All three movies in the Matrix trilogy are currently available for streaming


If BINGE's huge library of high-quality movies sounds like your ideal streaming service, you can choose from three plans, each with different content. The price of the basic package starts at US$10 per month and goes up to US$18 per month. Check the contents of the plan in the table below. The table contains links to recommended partners.

Cost per minute



Similar to BINGE, all three movies in the "Matrix" series can be played on Foxtel. However, you must register one

Get your matrix repaired.

You can buy or rent all three movies of The Matrix from the following websites

. The rental price of these movies is $3.99 for a period of 30 days, and they can also be rented within 48 hours after you start watching. The purchase price of "The Matrix" is US$9.99, while the prices of "The Matrix Reinstallation" and "The Matrix" are US$14.99. You can also buy the complete trilogy of the movie for $34.97.

Matrix Trilogy movies can be purchased or rented from the following websites

Starting at $4.99 USD each. Fetch also provides a Rotten Tomatoes score for each movie and some reviews, so you can try it before buying.

All three Matrix movies can be purchased or rented so that you can stream them through the platform. The rental price of these movies is US$4.99, but if you want to watch them again and again, you can buy each movie for US$12.99 or US$14.99, depending on the quality of your choice.

Google Play has all three movies in the Matrix trilogy and Animatrix derivatives, which can be purchased or rented. You can rent "The Matrix" for only US$2.99, or you can buy "The Matrix" for US$12.99. The rental prices of The Matrix and The Matrix are US$4.99 or US$12.99, respectively.

The Matrix follows Neo, working as an office worker during the day and a hacker at night. However, the encounter with the mysterious Trinity led him on a path of no return, where he realized that he and the entire human race were actually living in a simulation after creating artificial intelligence. Neo got rid of the shackles of simulation and joined Trinity and her band of warriors to help humanity liberate.

The Matrix trilogy consists of three movies, but the fourth untitled Matrix movie is scheduled to join the series in 2021. The movies in chronological order are:

Matrix’s franchise also includes two direct-playing movies, Matrix Revisited released in 2001 and The Animatrix released in 2003. Other media in the franchise include a series of official and unofficial books, a series of comics, short stories, a magazine and three video games, etc., if you really want to see how deep the rabbit hole is.

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