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How to set up dual monitors in Windows 10 and boost your productivity

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In a modern office environment, it is often seen that people use multiple monitors on the same computer. It is also easy to set this setting yourself at home to improve work efficiency and comfort.

If you use multiple apps at once in Windows 10, using two monitors can give you more space to display everything you need without switching back and forth.

If you connect the PC to a TV or projector, you can also have two monitors display the same content, which is very useful for watching videos or presentation slides on a large screen.

To set up dual monitors in Windows 10, do the following:

Connect both monitors to the computer you are using, and make sure they are both turned on.

Make sure you have connected the monitor to the computer with a cable. You may need USB, VGA or

Right-click on a blank part of the computer screen and you will see a drop-down menu. Click "Display Settings".

The numbered box represents your display. Switch them to the correct position-in real life the numbered monitor on the right should be the monitor on the right side of the screen.

Scroll down to the "Multiple Monitors" option, choose how to set up the monitors, and click "Keep Changes".

The meanings of the displayed options are as follows:

You can set up the screens so that they display different content, and the mouse cursor can move between them.

This option will display the same image on both screens, which is useful for PowerPoint presentations and slideshows.

If you only want to use the main display, select this option.

If you only want to use the secondary monitor, select this option.

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