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Hisense R6 (2020) 4K Smart TV Review - Affordable 4K | CGMagazine

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In the past, everyone could not afford 4K, which was beyond the elite level they could afford. Now 4k has become ubiquitous, with countless options spread across all major retailers. With so many options, it is often surprising to find something that is reasonably priced but still offers value and performance. Although the Hisense R6 4K Roku smart TV will not disrupt the competition, it provides a good choice for people with limited budgets or who need a second TV.

It is not difficult to understand why this is an attractive TV for Hisense. It is reasonably priced, has a stylish design, can work in most environments, and has a good size. Hisense R6 4K smart TV lacks many features that we consider to be "the most advanced", but it does have good input options and many other features that will not let you fall into the world of smart TVs.

Nowadays, most people who buy TVs are paying attention to some key features: size, brightness, app and ease of use of all content. Few people will go into the settings or try to adjust the image using the many options provided by modern TVs. Most people leave it as the default and stick to the best look determined by the brand. This is where Hisense R6 offers excellent out-of-the-box performance and offers a lot of choices, but the features it lacks are features that most buyers never need or even don't want.

The appearance and design of the Hisense R6 is what you would expect from a modern budget-friendly TV. You will find a typical full-screen design with minimal borders. The TV may not be the thinnest TV on the market, but it should look good in most homes or mounted on most walls. It provides clean feet (albeit simple), and there are no major design choices that can attract people's attention and make the content on the screen move away from the screen.

Since R6 is a more budget-friendly TV option, you really have less input. You will find three standard HDMI ports, a USB 2.0 port, an AV input, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an optical port for traditional sound bars or AV equipment. Hisense has provided enough resources to meet the needs of most people, although for anyone (like me) you will quickly fill all included ports and need to find a way to expand the product range, whether it is using HDMI The switch still uses other alternative products.

Looking at the picture quality, you will find that you are a good 4K screen, if not amazing. The colors are accurate out of the box, although we found that the image may be a bit oversaturated in some scenes, but this is never the main problem and can be adjusted by quickly accessing the TV's settings panel.

The HDR on the R6 is generally good, and its light output is indeed insufficient, so when turned on in a bright room, HDR does not look so vibrant, but once you turn off the lights or close the curtains, you will find that one can make most Images that the audience is satisfied with. Make sure you are in movie mode and you should find that most of the media will pop up, especially for the price of the TV.

One aspect of my disappointment is that the lack of dynamic backlight or area does mean that sometimes it can eliminate the vitality of the image. This is a common problem on budget screens, and for most people, this is not a deal-breaking problem, but during testing, we did notice some inconsistent light, and the outer area usually looked brighter than the center of the screen. Fortunately, there was no halo or ghosting during the screen test, so Hisense won the point of avoiding the annoying problems faced by many budget-friendly panels.

The 2020 R6 also lacks 120Hz, which means that if you own a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you will not be able to take full advantage of the features provided by these consoles. The screen can still provide excellent images, the second part of "The Last Man" game will still bring you an emotional impact, but unfortunately, the new game that can be completed by the push system will be affected by the TV and its display Troubled by content bottlenecks.

From the interface point of view, similar to last year's R6 product, Hisense chose Roku TV OS, which brings all the functions and ease of use that the platform has been famous for. This is a fast and easy-to-use interface, and on the surface it hasn't changed much. Using the home screen system where all content is concentrated on the application can make streaming become the core focus of Hisense R6. Easily install thousands of different applications to bring the world of media into your living room without connecting external devices.

As with TVs that used Roku in the past, it can become a bit dull when adjusting more complex settings, as this involves diving through menus or searching the Internet to find specific settings or functions. However, as with anything that focuses on simplicity, more complex things may be hidden or buried, but thankfully, these are usually not daily settings, which can usually be set and forgotten, but things that can be kept. The mind should not become immediately obvious.

Another problem we have with this year's R6 is that sometimes the response time is slow when trying to jump between different applications or tasks. Although this is not the main problem, if you are used to a fast interface,

Even compared with other Roku OS TV products, the OS on R6 sometimes feels a bit sluggish. I'm not sure if this is caused by the type of application you are running, but it can be frustrating sometimes, although Roku pushes updates to its platform at a steady rate, but this problem can be solved while you are reading this article.

Although we are already talking about 8K, many of us still have large 1080P or even 480p media collections that have not been eliminated. Therefore, it is great to see that, like 2019, the inventory of the new R6 has also increased, and you can continue to watch your old media. Like any built-in high-end equipment, it does not work properly, and old 480p movies will still look grainy and lack details. On the other hand, it has 1080p content and looks great on 2020 R6. Although it does not have the sharpness provided by 4K, it still looks good, and for most people, it will be a movie night Perfect service. Over the years, upgrades have become better and better, and although there is still a lot of room for improvement, the 2019 Hisense Roku R6 TV has some of the best TVs I have seen on TVs in this price range.

At this price

In R6 provides excellent smart 4K TV products. It looks sharp, can provide clear and clear images, and can check most of the boxes that people look for in new TVs. Although it does lack some features and can sometimes seem a little clumsy, but for people looking for a second TV or not budget enough to enjoy 4K content, the Hisense R6 is definitely an excellent choice for value for money. If you want to experience the latest and strongest features of a new generation of game consoles, then for everyone else, R6 may be lacking, and Hisense once again provides an excellent budget-friendly product.

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