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HDMI Splitter Buying Guide for Beginners |

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Orei 4K 1x8 HDMI splitter

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Techole 4K Aluminum Ver1.4 HDMI Splitter


J-Tech Digital Premium HDMI 4K Splitter

With the demands of work and leisure, multiple screen settings are becoming more and more popular. This arrangement of monitors allows you to perform multitasking efficiently. However, you may be wondering how this is possible, right? Well, with the help of HDMI splitter, the process becomes easier.

Learn how the HDMI splitter works and check out the best splitters available today.

HDMI splitter is a simple technology that allows users to broadcast audiovisual data from any HDMI source to one or more HDMI receivers. If you have any type of TV and a sound system that you want to feed external sources into, but the equipment you have does not contain either HDMI ARC or eARC, this is a very good choice. The HDMI splitter also allows you to display content from the original content of one device to multiple displays.

However, people are still confused about what an HDMI splitter is. Especially because there is a similar device called HDMI switch. This device is often mistaken for an HDMI splitter. The main difference here is that the HDMI splitter can receive any channel from the source and split it into multiple outputs.

At the same time, the HDMI switch runs a large number of source inputs and then transmits them to one output. In short, the HDMI splitter can transmit images to multiple devices at once, while the HDMI switch can only transmit one image.

The Orei 4K 1×8 HDMI splitter allows you to mirror one input source to eight output sources at the same time. This is a good choice for people who have small businesses or are in the education field.

Another feature is that the splitter provides quite a few audio options. It supports almost all available audio options. When using it, you don’t need to worry about the sound lag or drop. In addition, the Orei 4K 1×8 HDMI splitter also provides users with high-resolution images, including Ultra HD and 3D deep color.

Moreover, this HDMI splitter is very user-friendly. All you have to do is to connect it to the adapter. Next, you need to attach the input source to the output source. This does not require any software installation.

Even though this HDMI splitter can project image signals to eight different outputs, it has its limitations. First, if the HDMI cable used is longer than 30 feet, it cannot be used. Second, unfortunately, the splitter cannot expand the monitor's screen. Instead, it ensures that it delivers the content displayed on the input source as accurately as possible and displays it with the highest quality on all output sources connected to it.

If you are looking for an HDMI splitter, this splitter allows you to display images to different sources at the same time.

If you plan to project from a single media source to one or two output devices, then Techole 4K Aluminum Ver1.4 is your ideal choice. The HDMI splitter has only one input and two output ports. This HDMI splitter is ideal for small business or school presentations.

This economical HDMI splitter has 10.2 Gigabit bandwidth. The device also has HDMI 1.4, 1.3 and 1.2 compatibility. Compatible devices include desktop computers, Xbox One, projectors, Chromecast, and Apple and Samsung TV.

The HDMI splitter can also provide users with resolutions up to 1080p and 4K for all the input and output devices you have. So you don't have to worry about reducing the resolution when splitting the output.

Used to split the image into two different outputs.

This HDMI splitter is reasonably priced, easy to install, and useful LED lights can intuitively confirm which port is being used, so it is very useful for students and teachers. Press a button to switch from one device to another.

Although this HDMI splitter cannot display one input source to two screens at the same time, it does allow users to switch between two displays connected to one source display.

Techole aluminum two-way HDMI splitter has a bandwidth of 10.2 Gigabits. This makes the picture or video quality consistent across all output devices. This product supports 1080p and 4K resolution. It is also compatible with many devices, such as game consoles, Chromecasts and PCs.

And start playing video games through different output devices.

Even if this HDMI splitter does not have 110 power, it will distribute a single HDMI splitter signal to two destinations. In addition to making your video and audio transmission better, it can also transmit at the same time.

The splitter supports 4K, 3D, 3480x2160p, 1080p, etc. If you usually work at a frequency of 50-60 Hz, you will still get clear, high-quality images and sounds for transmission. If you want 4K, you need 30 Hz.

In addition, the splitter has a color depth of 30 to 36 bits and meets the requirements of HDMI 1.3 and 1.4 and HDCP. It can also be used with some Dolby systems, so you can get the best sound.

And began to produce better video and audio transmission.

The gold-plated GANA HDMI 4K splitter is not only for display purposes. It can also improve the conductivity between input and output. By using this splitter, you can ensure that you get the best signal. The HDMI splitter has three HDMI ports, and you can use and control these ports with a single button.

Gold plating also resists corrosion and ensures that the connection remains clear. This keeps different audio formats (such as DTS7.1, Dolby TrueHD AC3 and others) clear.

Although this HDMI splitter allows you to connect to three devices, you can only have one HDMI output port. You must exchange between sources to see all the data.

To obtain an HDMI splitter with excellent conductivity.

Tolmnnts HDMI splitter can ensure that your image or video is well transmitted to two devices. The biggest advantage of this splitter is that audio and video are not only set up to be transmitted to two devices at once. Instead, it works as-is, and you don't need to install programs or purchase other parts.

The list of compatible devices for this product is also excellent. This HDMI splitter can be used with 4K HDTV, HDMI cable box, PC, etc. And there is almost no signal loss or any large delays.

Its compatibility with 4K resolution is also very good. It can handle quality from 480p to 1080p without any problems, as well as audio and video feeds including ARC and Dolby TrueHD sound. Finally, the HDMI splitter is compatible with 3D and Ethernet connections.

And began to effectively project the image to the two outputs.

If you are looking for an HDMI splitter that can broadcast images to four different connected devices, then this is your ideal choice. The CERRXIAN HDMI splitter has four ports and can be used to show movies, presentations and even video games.

The advantage of this product is that it supports the lowest resolution images and videos and 4K. It also supports a variety of devices, such as game consoles, computers, and Apple TV.

The product provided by CERRXIAN also allows you to connect cables up to 32 feet long without video delay.

Enjoy all its features.

When you use J-Tech Digital Premium, you can get up to 1080p image quality as well as eight ports for connecting devices and 36-bit color depth to ensure the best image quality. When used on a home theater system, the HDMI splitter works best.

In addition, when using this splitter, you can make multiple displays work normally, and the LED indicator can let you know which HDMI inputs are turned on.

Combining up to 1080p resolution and 3D/4k compatibility, the plug-and-play device of this device is easy to set up and start up. Finally, if you extend the transmission distance or add more displays to the system, there will not be any substantial signal loss/delay.

To obtain a splitter suitable for 4K resolution video.

OREI HDMI active splitter is a standard HDMI input to two output display splitter. In addition to complying with the HDCP specification and having the ability to not bypass the HDCO signal, you can also send the same signal to two different displays.

The image quality of the device can easily accommodate images from 480p to 1080p resolution. A 5V AC power adapter is also included with the purchase. Thanks to its design and metal housing, overheating is not a problem, and it can support all currently available audio technologies.

And enhance your home entertainment or computer settings.

The DotStone HDMI switcher has a function called two-way. This function provides users with flexibility in data transmission. It is true that you cannot use two displays at the same time like all HDMI splitters, but you must switch between the two displays.

In order to get the best 4k effect, you must be at 30 Hz, otherwise, if you are not picky, you can convert 50 Hz to 60 Hz to a resolution lower than 4K. However, this product works best in 3D and 1080p resolution.

Want to connect one signal source to five devices? Then, Kinivo 501BN 4K HDMI switch is your ideal choice. Technically, this is not a splitter, but it works very similarly. The advantage of this HDMI switch is that it allows you to switch between five different devices. This is very suitable for home entertainment settings. In this way, users can accommodate new devices without disconnecting them, allowing you to input game consoles, PCs, etc., while at the same time easily switching between them.

To help simplify this process, the Kinivo HDMI switch has automatic and manual switch options, which the user can control through the included infrared remote control. You don't have to worry about overheating, because its aluminum body can dissipate heat.

The HDMI switch can also support 3D, 1080P and 4K resolutions, which is great.

Connect your signal source to five different devices.

The Zettaguard HDMI switch is a great choice for HDMI switchers, especially if you plan to use it in a home entertainment system. This is also great for teachers who have to switch between multiple media sources during a lecture. The HDMI switch can attach four output sources to one HDMI input source, and comes with a useful remote control to easily switch between screens.

With the Zettaguard HDMI switch, you can display the image in another image. This way you can switch from one device to another, because now you can see all the screens. This is very suitable for computers, game consoles and home entertainment systems.

This way, you can watch sports and play video games at the same time, so you can go from cheering for the team to spending time with friends.

The Zettaguard product supports video and standard audio options up to 4K resolution.

Then start playing games while watching sports games or watching movies.

The HDMI splitter is very intuitive in terms of design. The device will receive a single HDMI signal and project it to multiple connected outputs, such as



Of course, this means that users need to obtain additional cables for each device they wish to output the source device to. Even though passive and active HDMI splitters work differently, their principle of projecting a single signal to different outputs remains the same.

An ordinary HDMI cable has about 19 pairs of wires, which are connected to the same number of corresponding pins on the jack. All these wires transmit various information electronically by using digital signals. These signals include audio and video data and device-specific data. Finally, they also include signals for remote control commands.

Therefore, the job of the HDMI splitter is to copy or split every pair of wires we have discussed. Therefore, you can use two or more sets of 19 pairs, and then input them into the required number of HDMI jacks.

This is the length of the passive HDMI splitter. For active people? Not really. You need to perform another step.

One of the disadvantages of branching HDMI signals is that, technically speaking, you are cutting the power that each output signal has. Therefore, you will rarely see passive HDMI splitters with more than two outputs.

However, for active HDMI splitters, they can compensate for power loss. This can be done by providing additional power to the HDMI signal. This is usually done by using an external power source. The first signal passes through a component called a transistor inside the HDMI splitter. The signal will then act as a gate, ensuring that electricity from the wall power supply is allowed and restricted when the signal passes.

If you need a basic connection or a minimum connection, a passive HDMI splitter is for you. As long as the transmitted signal has not been tampered with by any type of interference, it can be passed and connected without causing significant differences.

However, if you want to transmit from a single source of output to audio and video output, the HDMI splitter should be the last choice. For most people, a more preferable way to connect devices is to use HDMI ARC or eARC. This setting on display and audio equipment requires HDMI ARC or eARC ports. Although if you are worried about knowing which is which, don't worry, but these ports are usually marked as such next to the port itself.

If you want to display a view of one device to two or more destinations, or if you need to use a longer cable, you need to use an active HDMI splitter

As mentioned earlier, when you divide any type of electronic signal, the result of doing so will be weaker than the original signal. Similarly, splitting it more than twice will further weaken the signal. Finally, weakened electronic signals, even those beneficial to short cables, are susceptible to interference from longer cables.

An active HDMI splitter allows the user to project the signal to multiple connected outputs. All of this is possible without causing any major loss in signal integrity. This function allows a single HDMI signal to be divided multiple times without loss of quality. This also means that the signal is unlikely to suffer from radio frequency interference.

Many cheap HDTVs have only one HDMI input. However, the HDMI splitter allows users to connect two devices to one HDMI input and then easily switch between them. You can also use the HDMI splitter to display what multiple TVs are playing on one source (such as a Blu-ray player).

Turn off the TV and any type of HDMI device you plan to connect to the HDMI splitter.

Connect the HDMI splitter to the accessible HDMI port on the back or side of the TV. This makes the TV the target device.

Connect any HDMI devices you want to use to the available ports on the splitter. These will become the signal source for you to move forward. On some HDMI splitters, you can only plug in two sources, but in other cases, you can plug in more sources.

Turn on the TV and all the sources you have connected to the HDMI splitter. Browse the inputs on the TV until you see the HDMI input connected to the HDMI splitter.

Press the corresponding switch on the remote control on the HDMI splitter box or HDMI splitter (if available), the switch will switch between the signal sources connected to the HDMI splitter.

Turn off the device to be connected to the HDMI splitter. Looking to the future, this device will now be the source.

Connect the HDMI splitter to the accessible HDMI input on the device you want to use as the source device.

Connect an HDMI cable to the available inputs on the HDMI splitter of all target devices. Connect the HDMI cable there to any available HDMI input on the device where you want to display the audio and video feed from the source.

Turn on the source device and all target devices.

Search for the input on the target device until you see the HDMI input that represents the location where the HDMI cable is connected to the target device.

The necessary places have been marked