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HDBaseT vs. AV-over-IP: Let’s Call Off the Battle Royale - Commercial Integrator

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Daniel Shwartzberg of HDBaseT Alliance talked about the obvious "battle royale" between HDBaseT and AV-over-IP forms, saying that they are unnecessary because they can coexist.

Daniel Shwartzberg of the HDBaseT Alliance discussed HDBaseT and AV-over-IP.

Usually, especially recently,

. Daniel Shwartzberg, director of customer experience at HDBaseT Alliance, said that for many reasons, the competition between HDBaseT and IP over AV is meaningless.

"In terms of convergence and distance, HDBaseT is actually the de facto standard for audiovisual connections. It replaces all the cables used by installers at work. During the installation process, it is replaced with a simple category cable. It can go far, far. It’s larger than the actual capacity of any single cable.” Shwartzberg said in an interview


He pointed out that the HDBaseT Alliance has more than 200 members, and

By thousands of people

. He said: "This is a huge success."

"In the past 18 months, there has been a lot of hype,

"In the field of IP-based audiovisual, there are many activities." Shwartzberg said. "In other words, although HDBaseT is its own protocol, IP over AV will of course use standard Ethernet and standard IP protocols to transmit audio or video in the installation."

"You don't have to just do HDBaseT. You don't just need to do AV over IP. It's important to try to understand the use cases in each situation." Shwartzberg said.


He said, "appeared in the market." "It seems that this war is taking place between HDBaseT in one corner and various IP over AV solutions in the other corner."

Shwartzberg added that the problem is not the comparison between apples and apples. "HDBaseT is not AV on IP. When you remember that even AV on IP itself is broken down into many different camps, the confusion becomes even greater. You have 10G. You have 1G. You have from different vendors For different 1G solutions, these vendors themselves don’t know how to work together. There is a lot of confusion."

He said that in the HDBaseT Alliance, IP-based AV and HDBaseT are not "one or the other."

"You don't have to just do HDBaseT. You don't just need to do AV over IP. It's important to try to understand the use cases that apply to each solution."

Watch the video to learn more about Shwartzberg's AV battle royale on HDBaseT and IP.

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Thanks for this article. But I completely missed an important question. Battle Royale is not at least IMHO, not between HDBaseT and IP-based AV, but

A) AV as an island


B) AV has been fully integrated into the customer’s common IT infrastructure

As long as the AV is in an island state, for the rest of the earth, it does not matter which technology the AV people use. However, as long as you think of really using the existing infrastructure, rubber will hit the road.

Also, what I found very interesting is that the interoperability between various IP-based AV standards does not seem to be that important. No one seems to care, the solution of manufacturer A is not compatible with manufacturer B at all. why?

Out of all due respect, representatives of the HDbaseT industry group are not effective arbiters in this debate, especially considering that HDbaseT technology is facing obsolescence.

**Full disclosure. I work for the company where the founding member of the SDVoE Alliance works, so this is totally biased**

But... this is like a dispute between coal and clean energy. Of course, they can all provide energy, but one of them is obviously future thinking.

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