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Hall Research 4K 8X8 HDMI Matrix Switch Is Professional Grade Yet Affordable - Commercial Integrator

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The Hall Research 4K 8X8 HDMI matrix switch HSM-88-4K with IR, RS-232 and IP control functions is designed to meet professional standards, but the price is still reasonable.

Hall Research HSM-88-4K 8X8 HDMI matrix switch with IR, RS-232 and IP control

Hall Research stated that it has realized the needs of the market and has developed the HSM-88-4K compact 1U crosspoint video switch to solve this problem. Therefore, the Hall Research 4K 8X8 HDMI matrix switch with IR, RS-232 and IP control functions is designed to meet professional-grade standards, but the price is still reasonable.

According to the company's press release, the product supports HDMI resolutions up to 4K, and also supports HDCP 2.2, dark video, PCM, Dolby, DTS and HD audio standards.


, HSM-88-4K's intuitive design extends to its control command set. The commands use simple English grammar, and many commands are provided to monitor and control all aspects of product functions. Including IP/Telnet and RS-232 ports. The matrix also comes with an infrared remote control, which can be used to route video.

Intelligent EDID management allows users to specify a fixed EDID for each input, but the matrix can also intelligently calculate the EDID of each input based on the function of the connected output.

This will ensure that all outputs have video, and that video will have the highest possible resolution.

For example, if one input is routed to two outputs, one of which supports 4K video and the other supports 1080p, the matrix uses EDID with 1080p to force the source to output 1080p, but if all routed outputs support 4K, the matrix will automatically use 4K. As the original resolution in its EDID.

Hall Research said that HSM-88-4K is very suitable for conference rooms, multimedia presentations, digital signage, chapels and many other applications.

As for its relative affordability, the suggested retail price of HSM-88-4K is US$2,450 and it is available from stock.

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