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Extend VGA or HDMI Signals over "Ethernet" with VGA / HDMI Extender over Cat5/Cat6 Cables

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The host or media player may not always be located in the same room as its monitor. For example, for digital signage, you may want to have multiple monitors controlled by a computer in different rooms, or you may want to add a monitor to one of your rooms In the room without having to add another TV box or set-top box.

We have seen solutions that extend the video signal to hundreds of meters using the following methods:


. The former is quite expensive (about $250), while the latter is only suitable for composite materials. Today, I came across other video extender solutions that rely on Cat5/Cat6 "Ethernet" cables, first through the sale of Ethernet to VGA extender kits.

, But there are also Ethernet to HDMI solutions

The maximum distance provided via Ethernet is 120 meters.

Both have a receiver and a transmitter, the latter is connected to the HDMI and VGA output of the host, and the former is connected to the display.

The VGA extender kit shown above can extend the signal to 60 meters, and neither the transmitter nor the receiver requires an external power supply. However, the main disadvantage is that although it is used with Cat5 cables,

, So you can’t simply connect it to the switch and expect it to work, and as far as I know, you need to use a straight cable between the receiver and the transmitter.

HDMI to "Ethernet" extender seems to work

Supports direct Cat5/Cat6 connection similar to VGA models, but can also convert HDMI signals into IP packets. They have a 5V power supply on each side, use Cat6 cables, and models that cost about $40 can reach a distance of 120 meters. Please note that Banggood only sells receivers, and I cannot find the sender on their website. The cheap $25 kit on Tomtop comes with both Rx and Tx, but the range using Cat6 cable is limited to 60 meters.

The models mentioned above support a maximum resolution of 1080p60, although there are some 4K HDMI extenders on Cat6/Cat7 cables, they are obviously more expensive

, And the more expensive model can support HDMI 2.0a up to 4K at 60K Hz at a distance of 70 meters. You will also see a $700 model on this page, but it is based on a long-distance optical fiber connection of 10 kilometers.

Since HDMI extenders work over a network, you can use routers/switches and multiple receivers to connect multiple displays to a single HDMI extender transmitter, which can be any device with Ethernet and HDMI output.

Jean-Luc started working part-time in 2010, then resigned as a software engineering manager, started writing daily news, and made full-time reviews later in 2011.

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