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Every Shot Live returns with a twist

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Every player.

Every shot.


Every shot in the "Player Championship" broadcast in real time is a highly anticipated innovation that debuted last year, but due to the pandemic, it can only be seen in one round of the game, and it will reappear in 2021. And bring some new wrinkles that have never been seen in player history. 

First, this new technology will be used throughout the competition, where 93 cameras will capture approximately 31,000 strokes in approximately 430 rounds.

In addition, it will be available


Scott Gutterman, senior vice president of digital operations at PGA TOUR, said: "We learned a lot in this round," and he called ESL one of the most exciting technological developments in the evolution of TOUR. "Most importantly, we learned that we can perform Every Shot Live in all 18 holes. We captured and provided nearly 10,000 photos that day."

In order to capture so much golf in real time, each teeing ground will be equipped with an unattended camera, and each green will be equipped with a manned camera. Each fairway will have at least one wireless camera.

In addition, there will be traces every tee.

Jared Rice, Executive Director of PLAYERS Champions, said: "PLAYER has established a tradition of innovation and is able to provide new technologies for golf. We are very happy to welcome Every Shot Live back to the 2021 event." "The footprint of fans on site this year is limited" (20 of the capacity) %) "We want to make sure that the people closest to this event (our friends and neighbors in northeastern Florida) feel interacting with us. 

Rice continued: "We know the impact of each live broadcast, and the various opportunities our partners provide throughout the community, will make everyone feel as if they are part of the event that is going on in the field."

To be sure, this is a daunting task.


, Which will use 93 of them.

There will be 63 dedicated employees (28 camera operators, 35 switcher operators in London) to bring fans closer to the action.

Guttman said that when he participated in the tour 16 years ago, the first question he got from fans was when he could see every shot of the game. Now they can.

He said: "One year has given us time to perfect the technology we use to provide streaming media to NBC partners and international partners that will launch streaming media this year," he said. "Everything will be delivered through live AWS element encoders distributed using AWS Media Connect. We are excited to provide fans with this experience throughout the four rounds of this year."

All reports will be open to NBC Sports Gold's PGA TOUR LIVE subscribers, and for the first time free of charge to everyone.

In addition, those who bought tickets for "The Player" last year will get a free one-week free trial of PGA TOUR LIVE. Qualified ticket purchasers in the past will be notified via email on March 8th (Monday) with instructions on how to register.

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