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Can I use a universal media remote on PS5? | Android Central

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Yes it is. As long as the PS5 has been programmed to work with a TV, it can be used with a universal remote control. If you don't have a TV remote, then PS5 Media Remote is a good choice.

As the name suggests, the universal media remote is a remote control that can be programmed to control all the technologies in the entertainment cabinet, from the TV to the DVD or Blu-ray player. This may include video game consoles, although they are not suitable for all game consoles, for example, the Switch will not respond to the remote control.


It is one of the consoles that can be controlled with a remote control. In fact, if you have a universal remote, you may not even need to program it to use it with the PS5. If your remote can be used on a TV, it will most likely be used on PS5. This is thanks to the HDMI-CEC setting (Consumer Electronics Control), which allows users to control the PS5 with other devices.

To make sure this setting is enabled on PS5, you can do the following:

Not every TV has it, and different manufacturers call it different names. As long as your TV has TV functions, it can enable you to control the PS5 through any remote control on the TV.

Sony naturally wants users to buy a paired universal media remote control for PS5 instead of using the remote control they already own. If you don’t have a remote control yet, the PS5 remote control is a good choice and one of them

. However, if you have a remote control and it can be used with a TV, before investing in a PS5 remote control, try to use it for media needs.

A great way to control what you watch

If you plan to use the PS5 as your primary media device, the PS5 remote control is a wise investment. Compared to the DualSense controller, it allows you to control and navigate the streaming platform and (if you have a standard PS5) Blu-ray playback.

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