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Can I Move My DIRECTV Box Using Standard Coax Cable?: BigPictureBigSound

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Dear big picture big voice,

I just bought a new Sony 52-inch Bravia XBR TV and we moved it from one wall to another in the same room, about 10 feet away. We purchased an extended RG6 digital cable, which connects the satellite and digital signal source to make up for the 10-foot distance. Once the TV is turned on, we do not receive the satellite signal. We will let Direct TV come out and on June 5 Rerouting the satellite cable on Saturday, July, but until then, can you tell us how to get the satellite signal.

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I can't see why the extension cable doesn't work. I assume you are talking about using a female-to-female coaxial adapter (also called a "coupler") at the end of an existing coaxial cable, plug the new extension cable into it, and then plug it into the back of the existing satellite receiver. Satellite input jack? Now the satellite receiver is not receiving anything? If you plug in the way I described above, it should work unless there is a problem with your cable or coupler.

Is this a high-definition DIRECTV box or a standard definition? If it is standard definition, you need to upgrade to the HD box used by the new TV, otherwise the image quality will be poor. Make sure that DirecTV personnel know this before making a service call so they can carry the HD box with them. You may also need a new dish, and they can cook it for you.

If this is a standard-definition DirecTV box, then you can temporarily put the satellite box back in place, and then buy a long RCA A/V cable (these red/yellow/white cables come with many A/V components), Place it between the satellite receiver and the TV, and plug the cable into the AV1 or Video 1 input on the TV. Select video 1 on the TV to view the picture. Again, this is just a temporary solution for getting pictures, but not HD.

I hope you are not talking about using a coaxial cable connection between the DirecTV box and the TV itself, but trying to tune the signal on channel 3 of the TV? This is the worst way to connect a satellite receiver or cable box to the TV. This allows the individual A/V signal from the satellite receiver to be modulated into a combined signal, losing stereo and most video quality in the process, and only needs to be separated back to the TV again. The only place you should be

Use RG6/coaxial cable with DirecTV between the satellite antenna and the satellite receiver.

Ideally, you want to connect the high-definition DirecTV receiver to the TV using an HDMI cable. Only a thin cable is needed to get the best image and sound quality. Most HD DirecTV boxes I have seen come with HDMI cables, which saves you from having to buy expensive aftermarket HDMI cables.

For more details on how to connect the HD component to the HD TV, please see "

"A series of articles.

Hope it helps.