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Blackmagic Design Announces New Blackmagic Web Presenter HD | Business Wire

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The new broadcast transmitter for the streaming media era includes a powerful H.264 encoder, which can transmit its real-time streaming media to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.!

Blackmagic Web Presenter HD (Photo: Business Wire)

Fremont, California-((

)-Blackmagic Design today announced the new Blackmagic Web Presenter HD, which is a self-contained streaming solution that includes a broadcast-quality H.264 processor that can be streamed directly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. The new Web Presenter HD is a compact design and includes a 12G-SDI input with a downconverter, so customers can connect to HD or Ultra HD devices and stream full video at 1080p. It also includes a built-in front panel with LCD and menus, USB webcam functionality, and a unique monitoring output with audio meters, stream status, and full SDI and embedded audio technical details.

Blackmagic Web Presenter HD can be purchased from Blackmagic Design resellers around the world for $495.

Blackmagic Web Presenter is a complete streaming media solution, which includes a professional hardware streaming media engine that can directly stream media to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. via Ethernet. This is like a modern broadcast television transmitter for a new global streaming audience. Plus the built-in USB connection works like a webcam, so customers can connect to a computer and use any streaming software, even Skype or Zoom. To achieve redundancy, customers can stream to the Internet via Ethernet or connect to 5G or 4G phones to use mobile data. Web Presenter also includes a technical monitoring output, including video, audio meter, trend graph and even SDI technical data.

Blackmagic Web Presenter supports the most popular streaming media platforms. In addition, the built-in hardware streaming engine has been designed for real-time streaming with professional broadcast quality. This means that customers can get a self-contained solution for real-time streaming that can work without losing frames. The customer only needs to connect it to the Internet. It is easy to set up because the Web Presenter Utility software allows customers to select the streaming media platform and update the streaming media key.

Blackmagic Web Presenter is a self-contained solution that includes powerful hardware encoders, software for connecting to streaming media platforms, and network connections. This means that customers do not need to purchase expensive computers or use complex streaming software. Simply connect an SDI video source (such as a live production switcher or camera), and then use the built-in Ethernet connection to connect to the Internet. Or plug in your phone to use mobile data. With the built-in settings for popular streaming media platforms, customers only need to enter the streaming media key and press it. In addition, customers can use the USB webcam output to connect to the computer at the same time, so that they can use other video software.

If the user is streaming from a remote location, or the customer needs to back up the main Ethernet connection, the customer can plug in an Apple or Android phone to connect to the Internet via mobile data. For convenience, there are USB connections on the front and rear panels that can be used for network sharing phones. In addition, it can also be used with the latest high-speed 5G mobile phones and 4G mobile phones. Blackmagic Web Presenter will automatically detect when the phone is connected and switch its internet connection to use it. Customers can choose Ethernet or telephone priority, thus making telephone Internet backup fully automated.

To improve compatibility, Blackmagic Web Presenter also has two USB connections, which can be used as a simple webcam source. This means that customers can plug into any computer and can use any video software. The software was tricked into thinking that the Web presenter was a normal webcam, but it was actually a broadcast-quality SDI video source. This guarantees full compatibility with any video software and full-resolution 1080 HD quality. Web Presenter can be used with any video software, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Open Broadcaster, XSplit Broadcaster, etc.

Traditional broadcast transmitters are key equipment in TV stations, but nowadays, streaming servers have also become critical, because millions of viewers can watch them all over the world. To help you, Blackmagic Web Presenter includes feature-rich technical monitoring output. The graphics-based monitoring output includes video views, audio tables with precise trajectories, trend graphs for codec data rates and cache filling, as well as a summary of stream settings and detailed SDI technical information. In addition, the technical monitoring output can work in full HD 1080 and output to SDI and HDMI. This means that customers can use SDI routers to monitor multiple devices, or connect a simple HDMI TV.

The Blackmagic Web Presenter Utility software provides a place to manage multiple Web Presenters and update settings and software. Simply plug into the front end of the Web Presenter USB connection, or use an Ethernet connection, and customers can perform remote configuration, which is very important when users manage multiple remote sites. Familiar menus and controls make it very easy to set up live events, so customers can quickly get started. In addition, the front panel LCD menu has the same settings and controls. The Blackmagic Web Presenter Utility software is freely available and can run on Mac and Windows platforms.

Blackmagic Web Presenter includes a 12G-SDI input that supports all HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60. Includes a 12G-SDI loop output, allowing customers to loop videos through more than one Web presenter, so customers can stream to multiple services. Blackmagic Web Presenter has Teranex conversion technology on SDI input, which provides incredibly clear video. Blackmagic Web Presenter receives the incoming HD or Ultra HD input signal and automatically converts it to high-quality, low-data-rate 1080p HD, and then sends it to the hardware H.264 encoder for streaming, and is using USB Send to the computer when the webcam outputs.

Blackmagic Web Presenter includes redundancy features to help ensure customers stay online. Customers get dual Internet connections, so customers can connect to the Internet using the built-in Ethernet or VoIP for 5G or 4G mobile data. In addition, if a failure occurs, the Internet will automatically switch. Alternatively, customers can use 2 separate units to stream data to the primary and secondary YouTube servers. Through AC and DC input, customers can use broadcast battery packs to provide redundant power.

Blackmagic Web Presenter can send video to various streaming services, but it can also be used as a private broadcast SDI video link between studios. ATEM Streaming Bridge is a video converter that allows customers to receive H.264 streams from Blackmagic Web Presenter and then convert them back to SDI video. This means that customers can send video between remote locations via their local Ethernet network or the global Internet. Since the built-in H.264 hardware codec can decode the Web Presenter stream, everything is possible.

Blackmagic Web Presenter is based on the modular Teranex Mini design, allowing it to be used on a desktop or rack. The extremely portable design is only 5.5 inches wide, which means that customers can install 3 in a single rack unit, which is ideal for situations where customers need to stream to multiple independent services at the same time. In addition, customers can also combine Blackmagic Web Presenter with other products (such as ATEM Television Studio HD switchers) for real-time production and streaming solutions in a single rack unit.


Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design, said that we are very happy to have this new type of Web Presenter model, which now has all streaming features built in.

This means you don’t need any streaming software because it can stream directly to services like YouTube, but since it still retains the USB webcam function, you can use it with any computer software (such as Zoom and Skype) use. Imagine a live broadcast and a meeting with Zoom at the same time. In addition, it also provides amazing monitoring output, which contains a lot of technical information that I think broadcasters will like. This is an exciting update for live streaming. "

Blackmagic Web Presenter HD is now available from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide at a price of US$495, excluding local duties and taxes.

Product photos of Blackmagic Web Presenter HD and all other Blackmagic Design products are available on the following website:


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