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If one thing I learned from working at home in a year, it would be that without two monitors, my work efficiency would not be as good as before.

Whether it’s taking notes in a meeting or watching Slack conversations and emails while following a story, accessing multiple monitors has made my daily work easier almost every day. When I need to stop work and start playing some games, my second monitor is very useful for finding walkthroughs or interacting with Twitch chats.

If any of these use cases apply to you, you will get a lot of benefits from a dual-monitor setup. Fortunately, there is no really wrong way to add some extra screen space to the workspace. However, due to the large number of monitors and accessory options there, we have assembled some indicators and products (including monitors that have been extensively tested) that can help you create the dual monitor setup of your dreams.

So whether you want to be more productive or just want to check email during boring Zoom calls (we won't tell anyone), this is all you need to build a good dual-monitor setup.

The dual monitor setup is exactly like its sound-by plugging the two monitors into a desktop or laptop computer (usually connected via HDMI or DisplayPort), the screen space for work or entertainment can be significantly expanded. There is no really wrong way to combine dual-monitor setups, whether you want to mix and match screens, or install two identical monitors together for a seamless ultra-wide experience.

I personally use basic asymmetrical settings, which include Dell S2417DG as my primary monitor and Acer KG221Q as my secondary monitor. The Dell monitor has a clear 24-inch, 2560 x 1440 display that allows me to immerse myself in my favorite PC games or hammer Google Docs with the smallest line of sight, while the smaller 1080p Acer monitor allows me to follow emails at any time Or monitor my chat when I live on Twitch. It is difficult for me to find a special Acer monitor these days, but this model is priced at $93 (

) Is your ideal choice for looking for a reliable and cheap second display.

If you want a more organized two-monitor setup, there are many monitors optimized to be placed next to each other. This

, Our choice

Overall, this is the perfect choice for a dual-screen display setup, thanks to the thin bezels, when you place two bezels side by side, you can create an almost seamless viewing experience. L24q-30 also supports VESA mounting, which means you can mount several of them on a wall or various types of brackets (more on this later).

It's also worth considering the monitors that can be placed vertically when putting together a dual monitor setup. Vertical monitors are particularly suitable for programmers, because they have the ability to display multiple lines of code, and can also save desktop space-not everyone's home office has a lot of things. USD 124

It is a popular and cheap option. If you need a more detailed two-screen setup, it supports vertical orientation and VESA installation. Yes, you can switch between vertical and horizontal at any time.

You can slightly simplify the setup of dual monitors by daisy chaining, which actually means combining your various display outputs onto a single wire that can be plugged into a computer. To boil it all up, connect one monitor to another, and the monitor only needs a cable to send two signals to your PC. This is a great feature that can make your settings neater, although not all monitors support it.

You need a monitor with DisplayPort 1.2 connection and Multi-Stream Transport (MST) technology to make the daisy chain work. USD 229

Is a highly regarded daisy chain display, if you want a reasonably priced 1080p display, and the price is $423

If you need a higher-end 1440p screen, it is a popular option.

It's easy to put two monitors on your desk, but what if you want to tidy it up a bit? That's where to stand and wall mount. By installing the monitor, you can save your valuable desk space and gain greater freedom to adjust the monitor and find the ideal viewing angle.

For those who wish to connect multiple monitors to their laptops (or just the hassle of simplifying cables), USB-C hubs are worth investigating a dual monitor setup. If you are a true super user, then a KVM switch that can connect peripherals to two computers at once will allow you to easily use dual monitors on multiple computers. Here are some accessories worth checking out to get the most out of your dual monitor setup.

The Vivo Dual LCD monitor desktop mounting bracket is one of the most popular brackets on the Internet, allowing you to install two 13-inch to 27-inch monitors with a maximum of 22 pounds per pound. Each arm of the stand is very flexible, allowing you to rotate the display 180 degrees, or rotate it 360 degrees when you need to operate in portrait mode. The bracket's fixing clip can be firmly fixed on any table with a thickness of no more than 4 inches, and includes a detachable cable clip to keep all your wires in order.

If you want to mount the monitor on the wall, Wali's dual monitor mount is a popular and relatively inexpensive way to mount it. The wall bracket can be used to mount any 27-inch monitor via a 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm VESA bracket, and has a large number of hinge points, including 90 degree rotation and 360 degree rotation to position your monitor vertically. Wali's Dual LCD monitor stand also has an adjustable gas spring, which can increase or decrease the tension according to the weight of the monitor.

Many modern laptops have limited ports, which can make connecting an external monitor to them tricky. A USB-C hub (such as Aukey's 12-in-1 model) can easily solve this problem. The adapter has two HDMI ports and one VGA port, giving you the flexibility to mirror your laptop screen on up to three displays, or use them all as different screens in extended mode. Most importantly, you get a lot of extra ports for peripherals, including two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port, and an SD card reader.

For advanced users or Twitch streaming media who are using multiple computers and their dual-monitor setups, KVM switches are well worth studying. These switches provide a connection point for your monitor and mouse and keyboard, allowing you to control from one computer to another with the touch of a button. This well-reviewed Steetek switch supports both Full HD and 4K displays, and provides two additional USB ports to share accessories such as printers or external drives on multiple PCs.

Before purchasing a dual-monitor setup, you also need to consider whether an ultra-wide monitor is more suitable for your needs. As the name suggests, ultra-wide monitors usually have an aspect ratio of 21:9 (traditional monitors are 16:9), providing you with a large amount of horizontal screen space to perform heavy multitasking. Just look at $699

, We currently

Choose a large monitor, which provides a 34-inch wide 3440 x 1440 widescreen that can handle multiple applications or immerse yourself in your favorite games or movies.

Compared with dual-monitor setups, ultra-wide displays have some advantages. On the one hand, these monitors involve less setup and can save you money because you only need to buy and set up one monitor for the work area. You can also enjoy the advantages of a truly seamless screen that can take advantage of games, movies, and TV shows that are optimized to fit the 21:9 aspect ratio. Moreover, many ultra-wide monitors are curved, which can achieve greater immersion while preventing the eyes from overwork when moving left and right.

However, the dual-monitor setup provides you with a versatility that is difficult to surpass. The monitors can be freely mixed and matched, which means you can buy a high-end 4K monitor as the main screen, while choosing a cheaper 1080p model for web browsing and work calls. Moreover, whether you want to place a screen vertically or independently adjust the height and angle of two displays on the wall bracket, you will have greater flexibility in positioning.

Of course, if money and space are not a problem, then you can enjoy the best of both worlds and buy multiple ultra-wide monitors. But for most people, ultra-wide monitors can bring you simplicity and immersion, while dual-screen settings can provide greater flexibility.

Whether you want to upgrade your home office or game room, a dual-monitor setup can make a big difference. You will have more screen space, can easily bounce back and forth between emails, Slack chats, and video conferences, and can better monitor your broadcasts on Twitch or YouTube Star Road.

If you want a cleaner, more flexible setup, and an ultra-wide monitor, rather than the simpler option of getting two monitors, it's worth considering a stand or wall mount. However, no matter what you do, increasing the amount of screen space on your desk will greatly improve your work efficiency and help you have more fun.

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