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Atomos has announced

, It allows you to record RAW on SDI from the selected camera. The Ninja V Pro kit also comes with a series of accessories for enhanced functionality.

For clarity, this is not the new Ninja V, it is just the current Ninja V with AtomX SDI and some accessories.

According to Atomos, the Ninja V Pro Kit is designed to "


In addition to being able to record RAW through SDI and HDMI, Pro Kit also has the function of using pass-through hidden signals. This is very convenient for outputting the signal to a wireless transmitter or EVF or even another monitor.

The professional package includes the following items:

After adding the AtomX SDI module, users can not only record traditional ProRes through SDI, but also record ProRes RAW. This allows you to use Ninja V with various cameras.

You can also record RAW from Sony FX6 to Ninja V via SDI.

With FX6, to record RAW via SDI, you previously needed to use Atomos Shogun7. In my opinion, this monitor is too big for the camera. I am sorry for anyone who recently rushed out and bought Shogun 7 and used it with FX6.

Ninja V Pro Kit can also record RAW via SDI with other cameras such as Panasonic EVA-1, Varicam LT, Canon C500, Canon C300 Mark II, etc.

Now, you need to be very clear that the RAW output of Sony's FS series (FS700, FS5, FS7) is

Use AtomX SDI module and RAW upgrade on Ninja V. These cameras are only supported on Shogun 7.

By adding the AtomX SDI module, Ninja V becomes a more versatile product that can be used with a wider range of cameras. The AtomX SDI module adds dual 12G SDI connections. Even if your camera records a good codec internally, you can use Ninja V to record a backed up 10-bit 422 record in a ready-to-use codec, or use it to record proxy files for RED or ARRI cameras.

Of course, Ninja V can still pass many mirrorless cameras (such as Sony Alpha 7S III, Z CAM E-2 series, Nikon Z series, Lumix S series, Olympus OM-D EM-1X and Olympus OM-D M1 MkIII.

By adding the SDI module to Ninja V, you can effectively double its I/O capabilities. HDMI or SDI connection can be cross-converted. This way, you can down-convert 4K to HD so that you can take advantage of EVF or wireless TX/RX without additional converters.

In playback mode, Ninja V's 2 x 12G SDI and 1 x HDMI 2.0 allow simultaneous output of up to 4K 60p.

RAW input can also cancel Bayer in real time and process non-standard high-resolution into SMPTE standard output format. It can also be applied to the conversion of HLG, PQ or 3D LUT of your choice, so that you can correctly use the artistic intent to view the RAW or LOG content.

The AtomX 5" Sunhood is included in the Pro Kit. The screen of the Ninja V is quite bright, but it is not bright enough to be used outdoors in full sunlight. The user can simply clip on the mounting frame and insert the sun hood when needed to use the sun hood.

Pro Kit provides users with three ways to power Ninja V

Existing users of Ninja V can purchase the AtomX SDI module for $199, and can also add the new RAW over SDI and HDMI RAW to SDI video functions to Ninja V for $99 with a separate activation key. Existing AtomX SDI module owners will get SDI⬄HDMI cross-conversion for 422 video inputs in the 10.61 firmware update of Ninja V, and will purchase RAW over SDI activation keys from the Atomos website in February 2021.

Ninja V Pro Kit can now be purchased from local distributors at a retail price of

/€949. As part of the launch promotion, Ninja V Pro Kit users will get free Atomos Connect in the box.

Does it represent value for money? Well, let's see how much the individual items in the kit cost:

A total of US$1,064, so if you buy the Ninja V Pro Kit, it will definitely be cheaper than buying everything separately.

It is great to see that Atomos has enabled RAW over SDI on Ninja V by adding this new toolkit. Existing Ninja v owners will also breathe a sigh of relief, as they only need to purchase the AtomX SDI module and the RAW over SDI activation key separately.

Although there are many things that like this new product, I can't help but ask why Atomos has not released the SDI version of Ninja V, so you don't need to attach other modules.

What is your opinion on this announcement? Let us know in the comments section below.

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