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Atomos Debuts Ninja V Pro Kit | TV Tech

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Equip Ninja V with professional IO, functions and accessories

Atomos announced the launch of Ninja V Pro Kit, which is a bridge between compact movie theaters and mirrorless cameras. The camera can output Apple ProRes RAW via HDMI or SDI, and record up to 12-bit RAW externally on Ninja’s built-in SSD. Cross-convert the signal for monitoring and playback/viewing.

The Ninja V Pro kit includes Ninja V, AtomX SDI with activation function, support for the new RAW function, HDMI to SDI cross conversion, DC to DTAP cable, and AtomX 5-inch sunshade. Using all these devices, users can record RAW from Panasonic, Canon and Sony camcorders via SDI.

Pro Kit adds dual 12G SDI connections to Ninja V, thereby extending its functionality to an edit-ready codec or external 10-bit 422 recording as a proxy file. In playback mode, Ninja V provides lossless signal distribution through two 12G SDI and one HDMI 2.0, and can output up to 4K p60 at the same time.

The AtomX SDI module was added to Ninja V, which more than doubled its I/O capabilities. The HDMI or SDI connection can perform cross-conversion, DCI cropping and 4K to HD down-conversion to transmit the video signal to the bridge device without the need for other converters.

Pro Kit can use DC power supply to power the studio in the studio, can be installed on-site using DTAP cable, or can be used anytime and anywhere with optional NPF battery or any four-core NPF.

The Ninja V Pro kit is available now at a price of US$949. Users who already own Ninja V can add other components of AtomX and Pro Kit respectively.

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