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ARISTA's KVM Extender Integrated Displays Prove Invaluable for Industrial / Manufacturing Environments

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Signal transmission through a single CAT-5e / CAT 6 cable, up to 330 feet

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February 17, 2021, 13:14 EST

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/PRNewswire/-ARISTA, a global provider of computing platforms and KPI visualization for production automation in various industries, announced the availability of its KVM Extender integrated displays for industrial/manufacturing environments. The ARISTA KVM Extender integrated display is the best HMI/UI solution for machine/equipment manufacturers on the market. It can be installed 330 feet away from the computer with only a CAT 6 cable.

For example, ARISTA's ADM-2121BP-00A has USB ports that can accommodate a keyboard and mouse to create a complete HMI/UI station. ADM-2121BP-00A comes with an HDMI KVM transmitter, which will be installed on the computer. The HDMI video and USB ports of the notebook computer are connected to the HDMI KVM transmitter. HDMI video signal, USB and power are transmitted to ARISTA's Extender integrated display, such as ADM-2121BP-00A, through a single CAT 6 cable, which can be placed 330 feet away. This arrangement greatly simplifies the wiring harness and installation, makes one person's HMI/UI station in an ideal location, and provides a safe location for the operator.

ARISTA ADM-2121BP-00A KVM Extender integrated display has a 21.5-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, providing up to 10 multi-touch items capacitive touch screen support, and USB for keyboard, mouse and USB port. Other USB devices. This monitor is a true single-cable solution for KVM monitor connection-facilitating the converged delivery of uncompressed HD video, Ethernet control, USB 2.0, and powered by a single LAN (CAT 6 or higher) cable. CAT 6 LAN cables have locking connectors and can be terminated in the field, thus minimizing cost and complexity, while allowing easy system expansion. Used in conjunction with ADM-2121BP-00A, the result is an easy-to-install video terminal solution.

For more information about ARISTA's KVM Extender integrated display, please visit:

. For prices and availability, please contact ARISTA Corporation at (510) 226-1800.

ARISTA is a leading provider of computing platforms and visual display products for industrial and other harsh manufacturing environments. ARISTA's thin clients and KVM extenders have been widely used in various industries. ARISTA's innovative products and well-designed products create value for our customers. With our two core business platforms-robust computing platforms and audio-visual solutions, we can bring a variety of solutions to meet the challenges of increasingly complex process automation in the manufacturing environment.

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