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Apex Legends Switch vs. PC Comparison Is a Strong Case Against Crossplay

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Although the Switch version of Apex Legends has the advantage of portability, its struggling resolution and frame rate put the player at a disadvantage.

Video comparison 



The version shows why players should avoid cross-matches. After publishing on PC,

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In 2019 

And publicized it with great fanfare on March 9. Fans want to play the game on a new, more portable platform, and many people hope that the Battle Royale game can attract new audiences on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

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Nintendo Switch is released, the developer is interviewed

. The game runs at 720p in docking mode and 576p in handheld mode. In both modes, the frame rate of the game is locked to 30fps. Although this is consistent with other Nintendo Switch ports of popular third-party games, it is worrying that this number is much lower than the PC version of the game (the latter has a maximum speed of 144fps) and possible 4K resolution.

A new video compares the two versions, showing how obvious the difference is between the PC version and the Nintendo Switch version of the game. 

A complete record of a game map was recorded in dock mode on PC and Nintendo Switch. Both versions show the maximum possible settings for their respective platforms. The PC version’s visual settings are fully open, and the docking mode version of the Switch game promises a higher resolution than the handheld mode. In this comparison, the Switch version performed very poorly. The texture is muddy, there is no grass, and the distance is fuzzy.

The last point is that Switch players in particular advise others to avoid the cross-play feature of the game. By default, the cross-play feature is turned on, allowing the Switch player to compete with players on other platforms (such as PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One). Reddit users

 Shared comparison screenshots of Switch and Xbox One, highlighting the difficulty of watching other players from a distance. In the Xbox One version, at least the remote player can be identified as a character model. In the Switch version, it is impossible to determine whether an enemy player is present. This puts Nintendo Switch players at a distinct disadvantage, because players on other platforms will be able to see competitors from farther away. If the player turns off the cross-play feature, they will only be matched with other Switch players, which will provide a more level playing field.

The battle happened soon

, And players need all the advantages they can get. Even if the cross game is advertised as one of the assets of the Nintendo Switch version of the game, the difference in resolution and frame rate makes it impossible for Nintendo fans to remain competitive when competing with players on other platforms. Although it's hard to be surprised by the performance of Nintendo Switch-

Compare it to other platforms-it's also a bit unfair to compare it to the performance of a powerful PC. No one expects the powerful performance of the portable Nintendo system. Even so, the performance of the game should still be enough to give players a chance to compete with each other, especially when cross-matching is a widely promoted aspect in the title. In this regard, the Nintendo Switch version 

Obviously insufficient.

Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch.


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