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Analog Way provides a new lease of life for Florida church | Worship AVL

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Analog Way provides a new life opportunity for Florida churches

The outreach-style Life Church in Wesley Chapel in Florida has installed Analog Way’s Pulse 4K multi-layer video mixer and seamless presentation switcher to power the new LED video wall in the shelter. AVnew, a technology solutions provider based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, served as the integrator for the installation.

“They wanted to enhance their worship experience on stage and decided to use an 11m x 5.5m Thor AV 3.9mm LED TV wall as the background,” explained Gil Parente, CEO and owner of AVnew. "They need a custom resolution that can handle video walls, provide PIP with a multi-layer, easy-to-use and cost-effective processor for the operator. Analog Way's new Pulse 4K fits the project in all of these ways."

Steve Mink, the production director of the Church of Life, led three technicians. He said that the church uses a standard video projector before buying an LED video wall. The shelter has approximately 1,200 seats and can accommodate 80-90% of the seats on any given Sunday before the pandemic. He pointed out: "There is a big difference between projection and LED splicing wall." "The video wall communicates with the entire shelter, from the stage platform to the rear wall about 41m away-a deep observation area. The content is larger and more Easy to read and teach, the video wall allows us to create a more immersive atmosphere around the song. When we put a wall and put the content, we can see how it pulls the back of the room to make everyone in the shelter All feel part of the content."

The new LED TV wall displays a looping motion video background during the worship stage of the service. You can also create content related to sermons or holidays internally, such as a short video recorded for Christmas Eve. The video wall supports a complete contemporary band consisting of 10 to 12 singers, which can display lyrics, a universal dynamic video background, and custom content with embedded lyrics.

The technician uses the Web GUI to log in and control the system. AVnew installed a LynTec relay panel to remotely turn on and turn off the system power, and also integrated QSC's Q-Sys controls on multiple touch screens, so volunteer operators of the church can easily turn on and off the system and trigger presets And change the settings.

Pulse 4K powers a series of creative backgrounds that are used as green screens for the hosts and guests that appear in the church’s weekly video podcast. The system has been set up to display IMAG on the video wall during service, but the technology has not yet been implemented. Mink reports: "Pulse 4K is great." "Frankly, I don't think or worry about it. That's it."

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