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Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite review: The simplest streaming solution

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All the streaming content you might want

Includes all basic hardware


Slow performance

Remote restriction

Full HD only

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is a basic streaming stick that can provide a good solution for your second-hand TV (such as an old TV in a bedroom, basement or study). As long as your expectations for the basic functions are not high, you will be satisfied with its performance in terms of price.

Streaming from companies such as Amazon, Google, and Roku is a great dime. With so many products on the market, finding the right product may be a little troublesome. The separation between wheat and chaff is usually attributed to one feature. If you seek an absolute basis in terms of cost, then you will get a much lower price than the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite. We will let you know if this cheap streaming stick is worth $30 on your website

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite review.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is Amazon's easiest and cheapest streaming option. Like most streaming media sticks, it is similar to a thumb drive and can be plugged directly into the HDMI port of the TV. It may be invisible, but the work can still be done intelligently through streaming media. It is directly related to



price. Seriously, $30 is about the same as the price of a streaming stick. This makes the Fire TV Stick Lite ideal for study or guest room TVs where you want to reduce costs.

The content is there. It may not be expensive, but Fire TV Stick Lite will not stand out in movies and TV shows. Streaming media joystick provides the same menu as the richer menu and user interface

But not all performances. It has a quad-core processor and sometimes lags.

Fire TV Stick Lite is one of the most affordable streaming media devices on the market.

It's all there. Everything you need is in the box, nothing is lost. You will get a joystick, remote control, battery, power cord, and most importantly, an HDMI extender. If the HDMI ports of the TV are squeezed together, and the Fire TV Stick Lite does not have enough space, the extender is critical. This ensures that you can put the streaming stick in your settings.

Stick Lite supports the highest full HD resolution through onboard HDR / HDR10 / HDR10 + and Dolby Atmos pass-through. This means that images and audio are very suitable for your middle-aged TV and audio equipment.

The remote control is the source of all differentiation. One of the biggest differences between Fire TV Stick Lite and Fire TV Stick is the ability of the remote control to control the TV. Like other Fire TV Stick products, Lite's remote control cannot directly interact with your TV. This means that you need to rely on the TV's remote control to turn on the TV and perform operations such as adjusting the volume. The good news here is that if you really want a TV control remote, the regular Fire TV Stick only costs another $10. It's great to have options.

The push-button Alexa assistant is a bit slow.


a little slow. In order to use the voice control of the remote control, you must press the small microphone button. I noticed some lag when interacting with Alexa, which does not exist on the Fire TV Cube (with a more powerful processor). In addition, if the TV you are playing is loud, the microphone on the remote control is not sensitive enough to always hear even if you are talking directly with the remote control.

Fire TV Stick Lite is what the name means: the lite version of Fire TV Stick provides basic knowledge, nothing more. I do not recommend using Stick Lite for your main TV, especially if you have a home theater system and watch a lot of movies. Get a more full-featured Fire TV Stick, or better yet a Fire TV Stick 4K, for a better remote and picture experience.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is basic, but that doesn't mean it is not a very powerful streamer.

In other words, Stick Lite still has space in your life. I think it can be used in bedrooms, basements, dens, garages and other spaces with better second-hand TVs, where you may use poorer second-hand TVs. Just because the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is basic does not mean it is not a capable streamer.

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