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5 best KVM switches for dual & multiple monitors [2021 Guide]

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Although having multiple computers in the same place (and actually using them) can be cumbersome, mainly because auxiliary devices (such as dual monitors) can take up a lot of space, it's not that the KVM switch can't handle it.

By providing you with multiple different ports, these small devices can make two computers use the same dual monitor, making your life easier.

In addition, they also allow you to use the same peripheral device to control two different PCs.

Of course, although not at the same time, it is still better than plugging the mouse and keyboard into or unplugging from the computer, right?

TRENDnet is a KVM switch that can be used to make two different computers share the same monitor (or dual monitors) at the same time by pressing a button.

The product also has 3.5 mm speaker and microphone jacks, and can work at up to 1920×1200 digital resolution and 2048×1536 analog resolution.

With 4K and high resolution support, you will get an amazing video experience.

Through the convenient hotkey switching function, connecting the mouse and keyboard can be more comfortable, and can easily switch between two PCs or share two monitors.

Since it is powered by a USB cable, you don't need to worry about the entire contents of the adapter or external accessories, just plug it in and enjoy it.

It is enough for dual displays. Do you want a device that can handle up to four 4K displays with HDMI inputs?

Well, TESmart can do this, not only for your computer, but you can also use it to connect to a Blu-Ray player, PlayStation 4 or Xbox.

You must understand that this product only has HDMI IN and HDMI OUT ports, so the source device and the display must have HDMI capabilities.

CKL is a KVM switch, specifically designed to help dual-monitor enthusiasts share their monitors with two computers at the same time, without the need to equip other PCs with a second monitor.

However, there is a catch: All four devices (two computers and a pair of monitors) must have HDMI connection ports, because this machine does not support VGA or display port connection types.

CKLau is somewhat similar to the previously described CKL device, but in fact they are not that different, mainly because the product can handle 4 computers at the same time and only accepts VGA and DVI connections.

In addition, CKLau comes with four 6-foot KVM cables, built-in USB 2.0 HUB and jacks for microphone and sound system.

In summary, if you find that you have to use two computers at the same time, and you don't want to waste a lot of space using multiple monitors, you only need to use a KVM switch that supports multiple monitors.

Don't be shy to share your favorites with us via the comment section below.

If you must use two computers at the same time, then the KWM switch is definitely worth it

And save space.

You can use the KWM switch very easily on a PC with dual monitor or even multiple monitor support. To take full advantage of multiple VDUs, you can also add


cable! Just connect the display and peripherals to the input port of the KWM switch. In the meantime, please check these


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I am surprised that there are no more Display Port versions in this list. Although HDMI is suitable for businesses, since most of us currently work from home and can use work-published laptops on the same laptop equipped with gaming desktops, I wonder if these KVMs will cause them during gaming Obvious delay. I do not have enough space to put a separate dual-monitor work space and dual-monitor desktop space, but I must use a work laptop.

I need to switch between working Dell Latitude laptops on my personal desktop computer. I have a custom built desktop with two video cards in an ATX chassis. (2) Through (2) video card, (1) keyboard (USB), (1) mouse (USB), (1) webcam (USB), (1) 1/8 audio output to the HDMI monitor of the sound system (1) LAN port, used to connect router/network. Can anyone help me find a KVM switch so that I can switch between the Dell Latitude 7490 and this custom PC version?

Have you done any research on this? Your number 1 does not even have HDMI support. The latter two are the same product, with different Chinese company names. They even have the same image on this site. In 2021, no one should take this article seriously. Apart from typing "KVM DUAL MONITOR" on Amazon, the author obviously didn't bother to do more research. There is no detailed information about the supported resolutions. There is no information about the quality of the game/video work. Compared to what the author did in this spam comment, I put more effort into this comment. The most likely is to try to make money quickly through the membership code. Stop visiting this site to comment, and neither should you.

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